Profile and Pictures of Fauzia Wahab

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Fauzia Wahab is with Pakistan People’s Party since 1987. Up till now she has not been considered as someone high up in the party, but with the departure of Sherry Rehman, Fauzia has got the chance to become one. fauzia

Fauzia is a Karachiite. She has spent major portion of life in Karachi city. Fauzia got her earlier education from the German city of Bonn, where her father was posted as the employee of Treasury ministry in the Pakistani embassy. Fauzia Wahab did her matriculation from Karachi. At that time, she wasn’t able to speak either Urdu or English and German was her first language. She still struggles with Urdu and makesĀ  blunders, but her English has improved considerably.

Fauzia Wahab started actively in PPP in 1988 elections when she became a volunteer and played a significant role in mobilizing people for the PPP candidate Iqbal Yousaf for the Sindh Assembly. Then Fauzia remained dormat for quite a time and once again in 1994 she was appointed a member of advisory committee in Sindh of PPP when the local bodies were dissolved.

Fauzia got her real chance in 1997 when she got a PPP ticket in the general elections from NA 173, Karachi. In 1998, she became incharge of PPP cell of human rights. Then again she got in the background and now has emerged once again as Benazir Bhutto is no more. She has been appointed as the secretary information of PPP when President Asif Ali Zardari wants her to restrict media.

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