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Profile and Pictures of Fauzia Wahab

By Salman Mugsi • Mar 21st, 2009 • Category: Politics • 14 Comments

Fauzia Wahab is with Pakistan People’s Party since 1987. Up till now she has not been considered as someone high up in the party, but with the departure of Sherry Rehman, Fauzia has got the chance to become one. fauzia

Fauzia is a Karachiite. She has spent major portion of life in Karachi city. Fauzia got her earlier education from the German city of Bonn, where her father was posted as the employee of Treasury ministry in the Pakistani embassy. Fauzia Wahab did her matriculation from Karachi. At that time, she wasn’t able to speak either Urdu or English and German was her first language. She still struggles with Urdu and makesĀ  blunders, but her English has improved considerably.

Fauzia Wahab started actively in PPP in 1988 elections when she became a volunteer and played a significant role in mobilizing people for the PPP candidate Iqbal Yousaf for the Sindh Assembly. Then Fauzia remained dormat for quite a time and once again in 1994 she was appointed a member of advisory committee in Sindh of PPP when the local bodies were dissolved.

Fauzia got her real chance in 1997 when she got a PPP ticket in the general elections from NA 173, Karachi. In 1998, she became incharge of PPP cell of human rights. Then again she got in the background and now has emerged once again as Benazir Bhutto is no more. She has been appointed as the secretary information of PPP when President Asif Ali Zardari wants her to restrict media.

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  1. Dear salman, thank you for pasting the story Tariq Butt’s report in The News. Fauzia Wahab has been PPP Sindh, Women’s Wing’s Information Secrtary from 1995 to 2002. This important piece of information was deliberately not printed by The News. She contested in 1997 elections from NA 193, when even the most senior of PPP leaders were shy to ask for a ticket

  2. Let’s see what Fauzia has to offer as Media In Charge?

  3. Once Fauzia Said “There is no difference between Hezbollah and Taliban”

    this prooves her narrow vision…

  4. @Ali Abbas Where and when did she say that? There must have been context.

  5. he should give awareness about energy power in sindh and inform to president and all people of sindh because he is sec. information of leading party.

  6. When she says about the omar (R. A) that at the time of hazrat omar there wasn’t any constitution. and shows the importance of the Worst Brigand of the century, she must be criticized as much as the cartoonists of the holy prophet (S. A. W. W) were criticized.
    But alas! she has been covered under PPP umbrella. PPP should be ashamed of her.


  8. bdi changi lgni aey krma alie ki hal e

  9. Madame fauzia was a very reserve person when she was Fauzia Gauhar, she was logical and intelligent.But after she became Secretary infomations, her philosophy of life changed, she became very aggressive, illogical and sometime unbearable. Please can’t this nice lady to her old self.I request her, your old University fellows want to see you in the old self.

  10. where is another mumtaz qadri?

  11. Fauzia Wahab has said that ‘American official - Raymond Davis’ does have diplomatic immunity. Also, Pakistan is bound to abide by the international laws of diplomatic immunity, release Raymond Davis.
    I would like to ask her few questions and tell you few things too….

    You said that you have done this press conference as a responsible citizen! I just wanted to remind you that you are information secretary of PPP and MNA. You have abused your position to convey a message on an issue which is await judicial assessment. No one of the ordinary citizens of Pakistan are able to call press conference at this level. So please stop lying about this.
    You are threatening us with ‘affected relations with America and effect on 400,000 pakistanis living in US. Can I tell you that you are able to Pakistanis in Pakistan. How will you protect Pakistanis in America. Also, overseas pakistanis are not living there under the protection provided by you guys. They are there, on basis of their own hardwork. If you really believe in what you are saying, please mention a single case, where an overseas Pakistani was given an support by Pakistani government? Aafia Siddiqui, and Abu-ghraib camp prisoners and many others in such condition have never received such support.
    Is your party ready to sacrifice your career just to find out the public response on such stance? Well, I suppose you dont mind, because you are not an elected person and came through short-cut of reserved seat. Offcourse, your loyalities are not with public because you did not come through them. Your loyalties are with people who gave your worthless existence a chance to come into parliament.
    You said that Pakistan is a responsible country and should release him under diplomatic immunity. Can I remind you that ‘HE HAS KILLED TWO PEOPLE!! ITS INTENTIONAL MURDER! After so much loyalties to America and untiring attempts to please americans, what level of responsibility have you sought from americans? What kind of justice, he could be facing and where?
    If you give diplomatic immunity to american contractor after intentional murder, how would you stop remaining contractors to go out on a killing spree and how would you tackle that?
    When would you stop telling blatant lies?

  12. Mr shararti you are very right.
    raymond davis do not qualify the immunity as per to the US state official statement he is not raymond davis which cleary claer the air that his identity is hidden then how can he be diplomat,also what kind of diplomat is he who shot 14 perfect shots through the moving car windscreen and all shots fired hit the back of motorbike rider,an innocent Pakistanis and under nolaw he can carry gun.
    since his arrest no drone attacks were made and on the top why is he so special to USA.
    Raymond davis is the the cold blooded murdered who has no diplomatic immunity licence to kill also he is the technical staff of consulate which he himself mentioned in his statement and also US consulate same statement, both statement are widely available on you tube and media videos.
    later they realise that they issued quite incorrect statement to educated Pakistani media and courts so they send kerry.
    as fauzia is concerned she talk nonsence in any case so as rahman malik and thier daddy gillani.
    fauzia in few talk shows behave like she is an actor and she dont even know that talk shows are been watched nationally and internationally and her language and tone is mostly unbearable.
    in fact i must admit all most people party seems like US party not Pakistanis at all.
    They still dont realise that the future of the peoples party is dimming as they cannot understand this is 2011 Pakistan.
    fauzia and rahman malik crow is white,like Pakistan has no black water no american ar,y,no drone attacks ,no surrey palace,then they admit.
    world shows all but they are in the state of denial.non educated sold low cast

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