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Prime Minister Home Loan Scheme 2013-14 in Pakistan Application Forms Website

By Guest Blogger • Nov 8th, 2013 • Category: Misc • 23 Comments

One of the proven way to kick start the economy in any country is to start building. America did at the start of last century when they started building the Hoover Dam, and then many countries over the last centuries have done it by providing stimulus to the housing and construction industry. In Pakistan real estate is a good business, but the prices of houses are way out of reach of the common and low income people.

Nawaz Sharif has announced a new scheme of home loan for the poor in Pakistan. For the poor people, loan can be obtained up to 5 million rupees with 8 percent interest from the banks. The application form for the loan scheme of Nawaz Sharif are available online and they can be submitted in person with some witnesses. Not much red tape is involved here and the scheme looks good for the poor.

One of thing which needs to be kept in perspective is that such scheme must be transparent and fairly distributed among the masses of all four provinces including Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh, KPK, and also the scheme should be extended to the people in Gilgit Baltistan, Kashmir and FATA.

Government also needs to make sure that the loans are spent on the house building and also make sure that the return on investment is there and no commission games are played by the government servants.

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23 Responses »

  1. sir i am graduata how i can apply for this scheme.
    i am also kashmiri too

  2. Sir We have a plot of 4 marla. we r leaving in rent house.we need 5 lacks for construction of our plot. plz tell us about application form & procedure. thanks

  3. where are the forms please do let us know

  4. Sir i have a plot of 5 marla. i am leaving in mill colony. we need 10 lacks for construction of our plot. plz tell us about application form & procedure. thanks

  5. please publish application form for poor people who don’t have the access to internet to make the scheme more fruitful .

  6. Aoa. sir i want to apply for this scheem plz tell me how & when i can apply.thanks.

  7. Sir I am a poor man and i need loan for business pleaz tell us that how we get the loan from bank

  8. i want know the about that…..

  9. tell me how we get the loan fom for house construction….?

  10. A.O.A

  11. i want to apply loan please guide me

  12. sir i am business graduate working in uae duabi ,i do not have a house.can i take this loan

  13. Dear Sir,


    I am working job in KSA.I want to take loan,and want to do business in PK.


  14. i would like to say that i want to business computer & Mobile shop.

  15. Sir,
    iwant to know that is there any possibilities or any home loan scheme or project for overseas Pakistanis who r living in UAE

  16. sir, i am home less and want land to live
    kindly inform me about any of such scheme that is for poors and home less pakistanis

  17. to the sir pl help provide us villagers mohano shah jamal near tehsil m.garh punjab pk house constraction contect no 03437118902

  18. aoa sir i rizwana my age is 25 belongs from AJK and my father is died 2 years ago and we r 6 sis and three brothers i am the elder from all of my sis and brothers are upto the age of 14 i want to borrow some amount to construct our house at that time we are live in rent house and have no any plot tell me the procedure of getting loan

  19. I want take loan for Rs 200,000 (two lac only) to complete my guide me easy way .thanx,,

  20. Sir, I am home less and want land to live
    kindly inform me about any of such scheme that is for poors and home less Pakistanis

    Amjad Iqbal Bhatti

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