Present Budget and Criticism

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There is no harm to admit that our society is lack of serious thinking and serious behaviors. There are so many behaviors in our society which are inclined to negative tendency. One of them is “criticism for the sake of criticism”. God knows why we become so stubborn to get triumph over opponents in arguments and discussions so that we couldn’t even notice that we are losing our moral values by such futile discussions.

The process of arguments is going on the roads of provincial capital Lahore has been decorated with the banners of severe criticism by the PTI.Moreover those “experts of economy” who had never been successful in making budget for their 10marla houses, they are now seen on electronic media criticizing national budget.

Whereas the situation of the budget according to my thinking is, nobody has even read out the budget document except Is’haaq Dar.But when the point of discussion comes, everyone loves to criticize openheartedly without knowing the facts.

Well if analyze and compare the prices of edible items with international market then we come to know that how much the inflation is in Pakistan. For instance, in Saudi Arabia the price of a cola tin is one and half Riyal,and riyal is equal to rupees 26 of Pakistan. So in this way the cost of a cola tin is 39 rupees in SA.Whereas it is of rupees 35 in Pakistan. In Srilanka the cost of this tin is 100 rupees, that means approximately 60 rupees in Pakistan.sThis shows the costs of edible things in Pakistan are lower in rates as compare to other countries.

However, the members of opposition whenever appear before the T.V Channels, start taunting and rebuking the situations in Pakistan. They create horrible picture of the conditions in Pakistan. Every year after the budget presentation, these opposition leaders and electronic media make propaganda and horrify the poor people by showing their so-called sympathies for them. But the very next year they come again into assemblies by taking the vote of public. When this responsibility comes on their shoulders they start defending their govt’s policies that those taxes imposed by their govt which they cover as that would be for the public welfare works. In is called hypocricy, which is propagated in our society badly.

Basically we are severe shortage of serious in our behaviors, we only like to critize and don’t know how to appreciate for any positive initiatives. Such attitudes have destroyed our ethics and moral values. I am not in favor of the budget neither against it. But I just want to share some facts here. For instance, if I use highways and roads of city of Lahore whole year and do not even pay 500 rup tax for the construction and maintenance of the roads, then do I deserve to point out fingers at the broken and poor conditions of the roads? Is there any state or the country in the world where public don’t pay taxes?

All the developed and big countries collect tax from the people. Because the system of the gov is run on public taxes. And we are not willing to pay even 10 rup tax to our govt then how govt should not recover 15 rup tax forcefully via mobile cards. Let’s see the example of Srilanka, in Columbo there are so many boxes (with written on them, “Funds for Srilankan Security Forces”) placed at different shopping malls and plazas to collect funds. So it means Srilankan nation pay funds also along with taxes for Srilankan security forces. Whereas we have totally different situation. We do not want to take responsibilities, but keep on criticizing instead. Always opposition screams out that “budget is not people’s friendly, it is public enemy budget” blah blah blah.

But sorry to say last year, PML (N) was doing the same which today PTI & PPP is doing. May be PML(N) would be doing the same in future like today’s opposition, and the ruling party of that time would give the reasons that within the limited resources and time this was the best budget which could have been presented.

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