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Power of Media Makes Najam Sethi CM Punjab

By Maria • Mar 27th, 2013 • Category: Politics • 2 Comments

As soon as Najam Sethi’s name was included in the list, most of the people including Najam Sethi knew that who will be the next caretaker chief minister of Punjab. In these times, there is now way that a media person is to be denied anything, specially this close to the elections.

The mighty Jang / GEO group was throwing its all weight behind Najam Sethi, and Kamran Khan the premier anchor of GEO was running a virtual campaign for the Najam. Is it a wonder that election commission didn’t take notice? Such is the power of media these days in Pakistan. An absolute dictatorship. Political parties, judiciary, and bureaucracy, nobody can utter even a soft cry in front of them.

Najam Sethi’s selection as CM Punjab was a no-brainer.

Even PTI is silent, though Haroon Rasheed columnist, who is a guide of Imran Khan, has been criticizing Najam Sethi as pawn of Washington. But PTI cannot afford to show its’ dissent at this point. Rohail Butt says that Najam was already working in his program to please the PTI.

But nonetheless Najam Sethi is a good choice. He is not going to support any delay in the elections, and he is not going to wish to prolong his stay as CM. The only point is that he would never be a CM if media had not been this powerful, and this is alarming.

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