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By Faiza Iqbal • Feb 8th, 2013 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • 2 Comments

The poor and common people of Pakistan once again proved that they are far more powerful, resilience and determined than the elite of this country. We just saw yet another live spectacle of that during the sit-ins of Minhaj ul Quran and PML-N.

In the extreme biting chill and cold of Islamabad, thousands upon thousands of Dr. Tahir’s followers from all across the country remained steadfast. This crowed included kids, women, and men of all walks of lives. They weathered rain, they faced hail, they remained strong during media onslaught, but they never inched back from their place and stance. They only moved when their leader asked them to do that.

Now see the sit-in of PML-N. It was nowhere. The fat-bellied, arrogant, and intoxicated MNAs, MPAs and officer holders of PML-N, JUI-F, JI, and others never staged the sit-in, as for them the rain was heavy. They only hastily ran towards the Election Commission and gave them few meaningless documents and ran away. They called it a march.

It’s kind of pay back to PML-N, which is instantly too. All of their talk show warriors and their paid journalists like Irfan Siddiqui and Ata ul Haq Qasmi daily wrote satires upon satires over the TuQ sit-in. They mocked the Qadri and its followers and all those who were present there. Now their own sit-in was null and void and only handful of people were in their long march. Not even their all MNAs or MPAs attended that farce.

This the difference between show of power of people and show of wealth of elite. This was the true manifestation of change in Pakistan. Change has begun and we are daily witnessing its proofs. It’s really great that both Imran Khan and Dr. Qadri have joined hands. All pro-change forces should join hands under the leadership of Imran Khan.

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  1. It was an embarrassing show indeed. Lack of thought, vision, and a total flop

  2. Pakistan’s politics is the worst farce of this century.When babloo has lots of dreams of becoming a doctor or a CSP,he is certainly taken abck by the murmrings of his home-grown analysta ranging from his dad to the stray-uncles turning up for a cup of tea every evening at 5:oo Pm.And what does this poor babloo hears is a name called Nawaz sharif,zardari and some one as odd as cacha tsunami,which he thinks,is an indonesian tsunami survivor.How lovingly poor of babloo.In his bed,this eight year thumb-sucking kid beeps all these names in his mind thinking of them as the dreadful south sea-gods or worst still,child-devouring demons of the night.He tries to sleep but can’t thinking that all this name taking cermony every evening is meant to deter him from demanding any incremental pocket-money from his father.But mostly babloo forgets everything but the mention of the word”long-march”.”Why do they insist on march when it is feburary.Is there something so fleetingly special about March”.These whispers of babloo allow him to fall to the temptations of his drowsy eyes only to be awake the very next morning to redirect his mind for yet another episode of those terrible reminiscent of the words like march and tsunami.Babloo is waiting a clarification.

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