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By captainjohann • Aug 8th, 2013 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • 2 Comments

Recently a top Taliban leader felt that there are not enough Jihadies from India though this is the second most populous country with regard to people professing Islamic faith. Taliban who are already fighting the government of Pakistan have sent some experts in IT software, cyber security and communication experts to carry out Jihad in Syria. After the fall of Aleppo and now fighting raging in HOms the US government wanted some fighters to help the beleaguered Syrian opposition .

This reminds me of fighting between Saddam’s Iraq and Khomenies Iran during 1980s when Saddam was instigated to attack Iran and when Iran was faltering the Israelis were helping them covertly so that a military balance is restored and they continue to kill each other until Saddam invaded Kuwait and he found out US cleverness and his own foolishness.

When I think about the current Syrian civil war I feel lot of similarity between the Saddam/Iran war and the irony of six day war of 1967 when Nasser’s Egypt, Syria’s bathists and King Hussein’s Jordan fought against the state of Israel and lost territory and Arab pride. Today as the civil war rages in Syria the Israelis are flocking to Golan heights to witness it from commanding heights of Golan. It has become a sort of Picnic spot for Israelis where Pop corn and Pepsi kiosks have opened and doing good business while these socalled Jihadies who follow Sharia,

kill the Syrian forces of Assad and getting killed in retaliation. WOW what a pleasure it must be to the people watching this “Pop corn Jihad”.

For these Pop corn jihadies who hate democracy along with women’s education these killing fields of Syria is the ultimate place to reach heaven. Of course killing innocent Shia and Ahmediya passengers in public transport ; taking pot shots at school girls who want to study and of course killing constables and sepoys of Pakistan who just earn their livelihood is gateway to Heaven.But For them Indian Muslims like President Abdul Kalam who was also the father of Indian Missile programme, Vice President Ansari, film stars like Sharukh Khan, Amir khan etc etc and so many others who excel in Music,literature and other forms of Indian life has no meaning.

To them apart from killing innocent Shia and Ahmediya passengers in public transport ; taking pot shots at school girls who want to study and ofcourse killing constables and sepoys of Pakistan who just earn their livelihood is gateway to Heaven but also getting killed or killing the Assad’s soldiers is the ultimate as ordered by their black goggled pay masters in Saudi arabia. Atleast Americans give Green card to the people who work for them or one can aquire it by paying money. Will these Jihadies acquire some clout that they can be considered for Saudi citizenship or even UAE? Or will they be able to get some of their Pakistani or Indian relatives to get over the Niquqat law ? Or will they will be considered as NOT Mehrams but as men with Rajal in Saudi arabia for whose emerging caliphate these guys are asking for Indian blood?

But then I only expect the Pop corn Kiosks in Golan heights to increase and the Arab league protesting in UN.

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  1. majority of people are unaware of meaning of real jihad

  2. Hi Veena Can you explain in concise way what is “”real Jihad ?”"

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