Politics saved, State… we can decide later

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Pakistan is a place that always loves to keep a spot in the news and mostly not for good reasons same goes with the Pakistanis either living in it or carrying the name of the country around the globe. I can still remember when my professor at University of West of England asked me “Rai why your country and mine always love to be in the news for not so good reason and put us in a situation where we are not able to explain it”.

That professor was from Iran, another troubled place. I was talking about Pakistan and its fixation of being in the news, this trend has nourished us with a mindset that everything should be done with the aim to create a good show. That is why our protests go brutal and violent even if we are raising voice for something right we end up with doing something heavily wrong.

The second obsession of our national life is the word “revolution” or “inqlab” the lack of education, absence of self-esteem, and death of passion to rise above and understand the changing world have made our nation just like a cow, which can easily be driven anywhere by showing grass of inqlab or revolution. We saw another example of this obsession this past week when one person traveled all the way from Canada after five years and tried to create a revolt. Once again, revolution obsessed brains blindly followed him and crippled capital city for nearly three days. The aim of this long march turned into sit in was “change”. The same “change” that everyone wants but no one can define what actually change is.

After the curtains were down again and the show of this revolution ended, everyone is celebrating over it. Government is celebrating that the tactfully handled the issue on time and the “ex-government” is still up and running. Mr. Qadri is happy that he managed to show his power and Government representatives came to his bunker and resolved the issue on his terms. Moreover, common people who always fall prey of “Messiah” Syndrome are celebrating regardless of knowing and understanding what kind of success they are celebrating.

The biggest question unanswered is that what a common man gained out of this show. His problems been solved, is he getting good amount of food, a shelter to cover his head, and basic education along with other basic rights? The aim was to change the system that can trickle down its effects to the masses but I cannot find anything in the declaration that is new, and have direct effects on the cause of a common man’s survival, or in one word “Change”.

It is a bitter truth that there is a huge amount of frustration in our country and every leader, political or otherwise, capitalize this frustration for his political mileage. And we common people out of our faith in revolution start following every messiah blindly and end up feeling like an apologetic fool. We should realize that to reach the point where a revolution can be created and spread there is a whole process of evolution one has to cover. Without understanding the agenda behind the slogans of revolution, we can only see and experience a bunch of frustrated aimless people drenched by the January rain of Islamabad and their leader is enjoying the sight sitting in a well-heated bunker.

And one question above all, was politics not saved as state is exactly as it was before 16th January.

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