PMLN Already on Backfoot in Election Race due to Ch Nisar

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Ego, self-righteousness, over-confidence and superiority complex are what describe the Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan of PML-N, and he is the guy who is practically leading the party right now. Readers of these pages know that I hold a soft corner for the PML-N, but I have to say that no political sagacity is being shown in these critical times by the PML-N leadership.

This is make or break juncture before the elections. The tsunami of PTI and the storm of Zardari coalition is raging high and ready to strike everywhere. PTI is all set to dent the PML-N right wing vote bank in KPK and Punjab, whereas Zardari coalition will not only try to exploit the PTI-PML-N rift, they will also try to gain as much as possible in Sindh, Balochistan and Southern Punjab.

The point is simple. If Mian Nawaz Sharif wants to win this election, he needs to get rid of Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan. Just send that establishment bloke out of sight, far away on the back-benches. Let him defect to anywhere he wants, but just get rid of them.

PML-N doesn’t need enemies in presence of Chaudhry Nisar. No political enemy of PML-N has harmed and damaged the party as Chaudhry Nisar. He was the one who brought Musharraf to Sharif and made him COAS, and he was the one who suggested Nawaz Sharif to run away, and he was the one who put party in limbo during Musharraf era, and he was the one who pushed Javed Hashmi out of party, and now he is the one who has lost the battle of caretaker PM.

The parliamentary members from PML-N are very angry as they are complaining that they were just show pieces, whereas all the shots were called by Chaudhry Nisar, who made everyone controversial and the election commission selected least controversial figure, who is PPP nominee and has a heavy PPP background.

I will say it again, that if PML-N wants to stay in politics, they need to get rid of Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan.

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