PML-N Sit in: A Genuine Demand

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PML-N has threatened a sit and log March that aims at ensuring a strong election commission and delimitation of Karachi. JUI (seniors) have announced unconditional support to PML-N while PTI chief Imran Khan is still in limbo, First he decided to endorse PML-N demand and join hands in this demonstration but later he backed out as usual.

Media wiz kids and political pundits are hell bent to criticize Nawaz Shari for they think it is quite irrational and insane when a eminent jurist Fakhruddin G Ibrahim is heading ECP and under same personality ECP has ruled out delimitation of Karachi.

In next few months Pakistan is going to hold its 10th General election since 1970 and unfortunately no previous election was fair, impartial and free. Rigging has become a hall mark of Pakistan politics. In the process of election, several questions still remain unanswered: Are the election are impartial, free and fair and there is no sign of rigging? Do elections are free from political influence? Are the rigged and stolen to defeat the will of the people? Is there no use of Govt machinery in election process?

Since the inception of Pakistan, we find no parameter to judge the impartiality and fairness of election. Rigging had been going on since 1947, but large scale rigging was first introduced during the 1964 elections by Ayub Khan. It’s good to know some people are finally acknowledging the truth, of how Quaid-e-Azam’s own sister supported by almost all political parties, was deprived of her victory by rigging. Then Chief Justice Chief Justice (Retd) Lahore High Court Mian Allah Nawaz confessedĀ  that the presidential election between Ayub Khan and Madare Millat of 1964 was one sided and the results were fake. Then in 1970’s elections where Butto did not accept the results of elections and as a result we ended up losing East Pakistan. 1977 elections were the mother of all rigs. Then same is the case with 1985, 1988 and 1993 elections.

PML-N sit-in and long march to strengthen Supreme Court and delimitation of Karachi is based on genuine reasons.

First, one should not be ambiguous about the role of ECP. ECP is guarantor of transparent, free, impartial and fair elections. Deeply analyzing the role of election commission in Europe and in our neighboring country and its after impacts, it is clear that only fair elections can ensure a prosperous country with leaders truly mandated by the people.

Second, In the presence of a president, that is totally partial and head of a political party and incumbent Governors with specific politically loyalty can act as major rigging catalyst in the forthcoming elections. Until neutral governors are appointed and President is sent packed, free and fair elections are world wide goose. In the said scenario only a strong, unbiased and influential Election commission is the only hope for transparent elections.

Third, the delimitation of Karachi is important because of demographic distribution of Karachiites. Furthermore millions of fake voters are registered that give a clear edge to some ethnic parties in Karachi. Without delimitation of Karachi, MQM and ANP would continue to rule in their occupied areas and there is no hope of change.

It is indeed a wise step by PML-N leadership to throw its weight behind election commission of Pakistan for an empowered election commission is the only way to block the unconstitutional ways of robbing public mandate. Fair and transparent elections are the only ray of hope for the people of Pakistan burdened by unemployment, poverty, hunger, lack of health facilities and corruption.

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