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Please Join in Dua for Malala

By Amna Gilani • Oct 12th, 2012 • Category: Features • 23 Comments

One thing I have noticed from everybody, everywhere that everyone is condemning the attack on the Malala. No  matter what your affiliation is, no matter what is your religion, color or creed is, no matter where you live, and no matter whose side  you are on, I request you to please say a prayer in the comments of this article for Malala.

In Islam, in Pakistan, and in the Pushtoon tradition it is cowardice of highest degree to attack children and women, and that is what is considered shameful and deplorable across the world. So please join hands here and offer your prayers in the comments here.


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  1. Wishing her speedy recovery, best of health and long fulfilling life

  2. Allah iss bachi ko jald sehatyab karay Ameen!

  3. ALLAH is bachi aur is k ilawa jitnay bhi beemar hain sab ko shifa day,,,(AMEEN)

  4. Ali Tahir Allah Jj ko Beich Mein Na Lien - Enlightened Moderators K leeay Iblees ko Rojo Kia Jata Hay.

    Aiy *SM/MS/FB/AJ Kay Bhot Hee Meharban IBLEES - hamari Duaien Sonn Aur Yusha Nay Kalay Jado Ka Jo Amal Shoro Iss Larki K leeay kia hay Iski Sehat Yabi K Leeay Osko Aakhir Tuk Mokamil Farma - Aur Juldi say American Pres. Obama Jo Iss Larki Kee Passandida Shaksiat Hein Apnay Hann Bola Ker Isska Mokamil Illaj Kerwaien - Sub enlightened Moderators - Zor Zor Say Kahien - AMEEN.

    *SM/MS/FB/AS = Samar Minallah/Marvi Sarmad/Farzana Bari/Asma Jehangir

  5. Mein Chore Kay chala Jaoun. Agar Aisa Karo Gi Tu Mein Chala Jaoun Ga.

  6. She will rise like a sphinx from ashes.Inshallah.

  7. Who can say no to dua for anybody, so I pray for her too.


    This all episode smells. She received a bullet in her head, she was just 14 year old, naturally weak female, and there is no proper surgical hospital in Swat, and how come she survived? Is this whole story about her, or has it been made up ?

  8. Dramatized as well as propagandized material at all over Pakistan reason - Attn. diversion from blasphemous film on Mohammad Ss no further attack on US Embassy plus speedy restoration in NATO Supply Route - Aah - My innocent Pakistani Nation. — Just to dramatize this American supported Malala event.

  9. AG - Tum - QALAM - Kay - Ghoray - Ho - Dorati - Kash - AQAL - Kay - Ghoray - Doratien-
    Phir -Tum- Malala - Malala - Malala - Kurnay Ki Bajiay - Iss ko Gerr Barr - Ghotala- Keihtien-

    Next time - kindly just think for a moment there is a war continued in SA region - if any particular event is being projected in an unusual manner — thereafter as a farsighted writer kindly always see into depth who’s is the most beneficiary - strongly hope U’ll understand mine p.o.v.

  10. Ms. AG - Kindly write something on Showbiz cum Social issues therein no one can beat U - as U’re champion of your own invented game at this forum - as U’re & the sole player & interestingly referee also.

    Modernity V/s Simplicity & the approach of Women

  11. Allah Amna Baji Buss aap likhti jaeeay - I’m Ur fan - believe me there is no limit of joy as & when I find your write ups (nonsense) this BJ Khi. there is no any worth of his comments even no one likes him including his KUTTO/POPPUT - therefore kindly keep the writing with the same momentum.

  12. ok, at last she got the Gohar-e-Maqsood and now in UK with her family.

  13. Let Almighty Allah, Christian God,Hindu Bhagwan give her speedy recovery to this brave little girl who just wanted to study.

  14. Oss Dabbay ko jub Khola tu Pata chala:

    Malala’s father humbly requested to Richard Hollbroke & other CIA officials — Attack on beard Muslims — U don’t believe me - read this confirm & authentic NYT report.

  15. See Willy Loman’s blog.

  16. The expected results couldn’t achieve from Malala’s issue therefore all anti ISLAMIC Sharia parties are being approached once again in PAKISTAN.

  17. Some questions arising with the incident of the Malala Yusufzai,
    why she was attacked so late, after a year ago after operation in Swat?
    Why she was attacked soon after the release of anti-Islamic film.
    I’m not here to disgracing Malala, even I pray for her. She is truly admirable and proud full for Pakistan. But we all want to know the fact and answers of the rising question.

  18. I pray May God almighty help Malala through this most difficult time,and may she be better healthwise and other.i Pray May God almighty help her regain her physiological and intellectual abilities to the best degree and may she always live with honor and dignity.May the peace and blessings of God almighty always shower upon her like stars in the sky,brightness in the sun,chills in snow and perfume in a rose garden.May God almighty always help her and May she always prosper(Amen).

  19. Kindly teach such procedural pray therein we all MUSLIMS be ready to forget those misdeeds or ulterior motives of English speaking ruling elite therein it is established who is directly or indirectly associate with red white & blue countries & remember to award capital punishment only to Mumtaz Qadri type orthodox Muslim & be ready to forget always who prepared & act upon the advises of American ready made NRO plus who extended three yrs. extension in job tenure & thus who crossed the constitutional boundaries of 1973?

    In other words just focus on middle class or lower or middle class so called Islamic fundamentalist as per their described definition of a Muslim Terrorist & when they are caught by agencies & thereafter handover to beloved American Admn. against few mln. of $ as Dr. Afia Siddiqi was caught & then be ready to bear over acting of Rehman Malik & Co . who can not even recite Surah e Ikhlas!

    Kindly teach at once — we are eagerly have been waiting for such style of pray with CANDLES most probably — I think so — instead of reciting holy Quran along-with prescribed Duas as Prophet Mohammad Ss already clearly taught us/Muslims — whatever the procedure we will be ready to learn from U. Sir.

    Lawyers do have far better approach than Pak Army:

    *HRK = Hina Rabbani Khar who does not have capacity to understand this following song “Yeh Public Sub Janti Hay” because she is blind follower of the proverb: To Keep abreast of:

    *HRK – Nay – Khufia – Muzakrat – Ka –Inde-ea – Daiy- Dia-
    Inn - hee - Khufia – Muzakrat – Nay - Kehan - Molk –Ko- Pohncha – Dia-
    Jiss – Nay- Muzakrat- Ko- Chupaia- Ossko- Tarikh –Nay - Ghadar- Qarar- Dia-

  20. ufffffff yr ye malala…. she is only a drama. i hate her such mein. US ki agent, mein to sbko ye recomnd krngi koi ja kr iski so called blogs parhy, un mein kahien nai likha k ye ilm se pyar krti hai ya ilm hasil krny k liye kch b kry gi :D jb madrsay pr drone attck hta hai to usmein marny waly SHAHID (mein unhe Shahid kahn gi phr bhly koi mje extremist kahy) b to ilm he hasil kr rhy hty hain unke liye koi dua kyun nai krty CANDLS jala kr ye Candls ki kahani b ajeeb hai :D kitni pagal haina humari nation…. sb bhool gye hazor ki ghustki krny walon ko yaad rhi to bs malala mein bet lga skti hn k is larki ko goli lgi b nai America ne jese abotabad ka drama kiya tha wese he malala ka drama produc n dirct kiya or ye drama chalaya gya humare locl media pr is drama k bad se USAid ki ad kitna arhi hai hr chnl pr…. mein iske liye kbi Dua nai krngi nevr

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