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Peshawar University Result, result 2010, 2011 admission UOP

By Sher Ali • Sep 3rd, 2010 • Category: Misc • 44 Comments

The British kept putting off the request of raising Islamia College to a university. The University had to wait till Independence in 1947. The great Quaid visited the College for the first time in 1928 and so fell in love with it that he would refer to it as ‘My College’ and adopted it as one of the three heirs to his rich fortune, along with Aligarh University and Sindh Madrassa (his own school) in 1939

University came as a trophy from Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah to the students of the province, in recognition of the part played by them in the making of Pakistan. At Islamia College on 12th April 1948, he said:

“On this occasion the thing uppermost in my mind is the help that came to the movement and achievement of Pakistan from the students community, particularly from this Province. May I say that you played your part magnificently” and “Let me tell you that nothing is dearer to my heart than to have a university in the North-West Frontier Province from where the rays of learning and culture will spread through-out the Middle East and Central Asia. I, therefore, fully sympathise with your aspirations in this behalf and, provided you go the right way about it, you will get your university sooner than you can imagine”

The dream of the founders flowered and a broad-based, multi-disciplinary educational institution came into existence in 1951. The very complexion and spectrum of the University of Peshawar was overwhelming–education right from KG to Ph.D in a large variety of subjects from sciences, social sciences, technologies and professions on one integrated campus.

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