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Permanent solution needed to counter threat of floods

By Sobia Raja • Sep 23rd, 2012 • Category: Politics • 3 Comments

Flood damages are not few to count, they are uncountable. Every year we have to face a lot of destruction caused by these floods but no permanent solution is still devised for this. People without foods, shelter and diseases are looking towards the aid from govt. and people of Pakistan but no one is paying attention towards those miserable affected people.

On Saturday PM Ashraf visited the flood affected areas and while addressing to the people he said that govt. is looking towards some permanent solutions for flood affected areas to protect them from future disasters. This is really apparently seems superb to think about them but in real what they are facing no one else can depict about their feelings and emotions. What they actually feel without home, food and living in dirty water. No one can understand their pain and loss. He said he will do something but the question is, when will this something will happen?? These floods are not new to Pakistan they come and destroy people and their property every year. Destroy the crops and goes away, but we are unable to see any solution up till now. This govt. is going to complete its 5 years but nothing constructive happened. PM announced Rs. 400,000 each for those who lost their lives in this flesh flood. But can this money be the alternative of human lives?? No not at all, permanent solutions are inevitable now. Govt. should think for public they must focus on the worries and miseries of their people.

I remember that in Baluchistan this flood came because of diverting the flood path towards D.G khan, this diversion was just done to save president zardari’s crops from damages and this diversion resulted in damages of thousands of people. But who cares?? If they really do care about the people then they must concentrate on this diversion and built a wall to stop the flow of water in these areas.

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  1. Very good topic Miss Sobia.The Pakistani Government is not going to do anything about it though.i’m pretty confident about it.But,this topic on its own brings the issue to light which is great.Nice to see people thinking rationally with all this religious ’stuff’ going on now a days.

  2. Sobia now a days where’s Ms. HAJAMA? Whose Hajamat is being done by her, right now? As per her loud claim - she knows every thing, so that I’ve to learn something fresh from her. Strongly hope U’ll understand, yes where is NAZIA?

  3. Today Inshallah Pakistan will qualify for Super 8 as this team is very very strong but unpredictable like poor & ignored nation NOT just like other super eight teams in the tournament - In short anybody could win the tournament but Pakistan is favorite and so does SA & Austrailia.

    It is admitted, Bangladesh is capable of beating Pakistan only if they perform super extraordinary & work very hard. Its cricket anything could happen but 99.99% Chances are that Pak will win the match.

    Pakistan is renowned in its Pace/spin ATTACK but some how their fast bowlers are not clicking at the moment and are not performing as good as they used to do in the past. Pak definitely need correction on their pace attack if they need to win this tournament.

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