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Passport Office ‘Gujrat’

By revo • Jan 29th, 2008 • Category: Misc • 5 Comments

Government had setup a project of Machine Readable Passport (MRP). An office also opened in Gujrat city (land of Chaudhary Brothers) almost a year ago. I have visited that office for my personal work and remained astonished that people employed there have to work till 2300 hrs to complete their assigned jobs due to power shortage.

As we know the machine readable passports are prepared electronically and the office in Gujrat (especially) have no power backup systems. The electricity goes off frequently during the day time as it is being witnessed all over the country. Staff employed there has to suffer a lot due to non-availability of electricity. As government has been unable to supply un-interruptible power supply then there is no mistake of the staff employed there. They should be allowed to leave the office at right time leaving the work till next day if the electric power is available to work with.

People working in the offices throughout the country like the office mentioned above are suffering and the business has been affected a lot due to it. Rates of services has already been gone at the higher side.

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