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Party Position and Expected Seats in Election Pakistan 2013

By Guest Blogger • May 9th, 2013 • Category: Features • 15 Comments

Here are nikileaks or you may call it Sheikh chilli leaks. Following is the latest party position in various constituencies and it takes into account the latest happenings. The latest results of Pakistan Election 2013 are after painstaking and in depth realistic analysis of all the seats of national assembly.

Following is the party position in election 2013 of Pakistan:

Party Seats
1. PML-N 91
2 PTI 56
3 PPPP 46
4 Ind & Misc 28
5 MQM 19
6l MMA 10
7 JI 7
8 PML-F 7
9 PML-Q 4
10 PKMAP 3
11 ANP 2
12 QWP 1
13 APML 0
14 PAT 0

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15 Responses »

  1. Where is JUI-F? and MMA is no more. Also I guess PPP would take around 60 seats.

  2. @ Kashif: MMA stands for MMA (F) or JUI-F.

  3. PTI won’t go further than 20 unless Jemima comes and show some performance.

  4. No single party would win it, and it would be more hell after 11th may.Long live pti

  5. U missed most important independent candidates which will dictate next set up

  6. @Ghulam Rasool:
    Look carefully. The list does say 28 seats to independent candidates and miscellaneous small Tanga parties . You are right. There will be massive horse trading soon after the elections.

  7. All of these independent candidates who are electable from Pakistan are either contesting election on the symbol of ‘Balti’ or ‘Mutka’, and they all are winnables and they have been propped up by the establishment and will be use to sway the election results. That is why I dont have any hope from this election and am not voting and just hoping that they would play some recording of cricket match.

  8. BB kay sudqay, PPP will make the next government too. Ready for surprise. Khan baba ko BB ki dua hai aur wo hamain jitwai ga.

  9. Where is my Awami Muslim League of Qalam Dawat? Or have you written our seats in the total of PTI?

  10. A very good analysis, though you have given PML-N slightly 10 more seats. I would add that to PTI’s corner.

  11. @Sheikh:
    Sheikh sahib: AML will not win a single seat according to the above analysis.
    Though Shakeel Awan is a week candidate, Kurd is a joker, PPPP doesn’t exist around Moti and Sarafa Bazar but Sheikh Rasheed is not as popular as he used to be. He’ll get good votes (30-40,000) but the voters might vote for Nawaz Sharif (not for Shakeel Awan) (Expected votes for him 50-55K).

  12. Qalam Dawat zindabad.

  13. What a wrong analysis. You guys look silly now as the actual results have come. It seems like PTI supporters you also just use Facebook :)

  14. crappy analysis in hindsight of seat distribution.

  15. Clearly the above analysis was done by some armchair Sheikh Chilli on Facebook.

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