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Paras Khursheed : Pictures and Profile

By Sumaira Bajwa • Feb 18th, 2010 • Category: Misc • 3 Comments

Samaa TV has got some of the most cool and chic female anchors. Not known by their rich and extempore knowledge about the politics and current affairs, some of the anchors at Samaa TV are simply awesome to watch.

When Hamid Mir, Kashif Abbassi, and Talat Hussain attract the audience through their knowledge and bleeding edge dialogue, at Samaa, Paras Khursheed and Meher Bokhari entice the viewers through their excellent dressing and charming looks.

These are the new dynamics of our electronic media.

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  1. I am sorry I do not happen to get a chance of watching Paras Khusheed as an anchor person, just my bad luck. I will sure try to watch her program on Samaa TV and only then I can form an opinion.

    Having said this much, I take it that whatever the authoress has said in Paras’s praise, it would be absolutly true. However, the authoress has tried to equate Paras with some known anchors and journalists. Without prejudice to them, I don’t have good opinion about them. Fictions, drawing conclusion of their own on unconfirmed news and reports are, at their best. They do not describe the news, they paint the news. Their body language tells us that they are king makers (in which they have miserably failed). I think Paras might not be in the same category, she may be unbiased like a true journalist.

  2. With due respect to my learned friend, i concur and disagree with you. There are several talented anchors on local channels, but when it comes to SAMAA TV, there is no one better than Mehar Bokhari, she has confidence of skillful barrister, and vision that of a Eagle and knowledge of politics is simply awesome. It is Mehar’s confidence which makes her outshine others having more experience in field of journalism.

    If I am given an authority to CROWN the best news anchor then I would give the CROWN to Mehar Bokhari.

    although i am linked with legal profession, but in past I have studied mass communicative and journalism for my CSS examination.

    It is not easy to have solid grip on intricate subjects like Constitution, law, substantive law and procedures and Mehar Bokhari has knowledge on these subjects far better then any other anchor person,

    all of my friends/group agree that Mehar is an asset for the media. Mehar Bokhari has talents to represent our country to the World and we trust Mehar has the potential to conquer most impossible odds with her ability and skills.

    Paras Khursheed and others cannot hold candle in front of Mehar Bokhari.

    THE CROWN is for Mehar.


    FH - Karachi

  3. Dear Faisal ,
    Every one has right to like and dislike the personality ,veiws ,and many more , but Mehar losses her ceradibility after the interview with Malik Riaz , I think after this show all the anchors are in suspisious list.
    Sorry for this comments but its my veiw .

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