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Pakistan’s Iran Bluff

By Gul Raiz • Feb 19th, 2012 • Category: Politics • 4 Comments

Divorce is out of question between the superpower and Pakistan and we are just a mistress and are treated that way and the way we are pouting in front of superpower is also one proof.

Aerial supply line is intact and almost eighty flights are going over our skies on daily basis, and then we have also allowed the containers containing “books for Afghan kids.” Do we think that the world is silly or the common public is? This cosmetics blockade must end, and we must be straight about this.

The trilateral summit with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Afghan President Hamid Karzai in Pakistan was aimed at, among other issues, addressing how Islamabad should facilitate negotiations between Afghanistan and the those who are fighting. It was also our way to tell the superpower that we could side with Iran, if need be, and that’s another bluff.

Sunni majority Pakistan would never accept Iran and Shiite Majority Iran would never warm up to Pakistan. Besides our whole economy and reigns are in hands of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and how could we even breathe about it. We took special permission from Riyadh to get Mahmoud here to press the superpower a little bit more, and KSA doesn’t mind our naughtiness in lighter way.

But everybody knows that we are just hollow pipes. Its about time we stop deceiving ourselves and the world at large.

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  1. Raiza Raiza - Gul — rather STUPID - the US Administration is a DECLARED mistress of Pakistan & Afghanistan - moreover last week as & when Iranian President Ahamdi Neejad was at ISLAMABAD along-with KARZAI — this was PROPOSAL of Adnan Mansoori — at PODIUM Declared at Bar Room —”Iran is being INVITED also - to use American Administration - for - An*l S*x”— “one who has been IRAN — he/she knows — Iranian LOVE An*l S*x — the same Reason to USE the US Administration from BACK — this was GRANTED to IRANIAN Nation.” ——– UNDERSTAND.

    *Dono = Pakistani & Afghan Nation

    *Dono - Mil- Kay- Sath - America - Ka- Baja- Bajatay-
    Ohh- Aah - Ooi - Inn — Awazoun - Ko- Enjoy - Kurtay-

  2. Moreover - Raiza - Raiza - Gul/Rotten Flower — As you started in your very first paragraph:—

    “……..Pakistan and we are just a mistress and are treated that way and the way we are pouting in front of superpower is also one proof.”

    this must be & accepted wholeheartedly on spur of the same MOMENT.

    “……..apart from Pakistani Nation - and we/English Speaking Ruling Elite who Sits on Commode even in American STYLE at TOILET — are just a declared mistress and are treated that way and the way we are pouting in front of so called superpower who has become ZERO Power at Afghanistan within just TEN Years — is also one proof - the reason our Social, Financial & above all our SPOUSE have been LEARNING English as an Excellent VOCABULARIAN - e.g. Bilawal Zardari has already learnt how to BARK in English cum URDU language.”

  3. Iran is our neighbour and so is India. Efforts should be made to have good relations with neighbours.

  4. First looking into our own house Baluchistan is not presenting a livable picture with daily kidnapping & killing of Baluchis & working class from all over Pakistan residing at Baluchistan. P.M Gilani proposes an All Parties Conference at Quetta but he’s actually a failed & a puppet P.Minister who hasn’t been able to execute any decision successfully taken in any of the previous A.P.C’s & again calling a similar A.P.C is just trying to burn the wounds of Baluch residents instead of healing them. One more question is that does he still hold the P.Minister’s seat & authority after being charged by the Supreme Court of Pakistan for Contempt of Court?
    Coming to the topic again U.S has lost Afghan war in the worst possible way & if U.S forces don’t get/find their way out of Afghanistan it will just break down like Russia. The only breakthrough U.S can get is through Pakistan. If Pakistan willingly gives U.S forces the way to pass through, it’s crushed like a sandwich between India & Afghanistan. That’s what India wants & plans for long. If the readers can understand/read the picture they can well understand why is Baluchistan passing through such a horrible crisis.
    Talking on Nato supplies last week Dr Shahid a well known journalist said that they would have to be resumed at all cost. Otherwise Pakistan will be unable to even think about it’s annual budget. Pakistan will have to get rid of slave dynasty ruling it. Or it may not even have the right of breathing fresh air as well.
    May Almighty Allah take Pakistan out of all these crisis & put an end to ineligible Meer Jafar lobby of sold out political filth rule from Pakistan. Ameen

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