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Pakistani Girls on Valentine’s Day

By Amna Gilani • Feb 14th, 2012 • Category: Features • 8 Comments

Being an Internet buff, I have girlfriends in Pakistan from almost every city and I have even met some of them personally many times and I really cherish these friendships which have begun from this fabulous online media.

It might be surprising for some that Valentine’s Day actually do matter in the lives of the girls in Pakistan so much. They don’t really know and don’t want to know about its origin or semantic. It’s suffice for them that this day marks love and romance and subtle feelings and that’s what girls are all about.

Girls in Pakistan do expect reassurance and reassertion of love from their lovers on this day. These lovers may be their husbands, fiancee or simply mehboobs. Girls expect gift, flowers, and chocolates on this day. They don’t want expensive diamonds, but anything that is given with love.

From Peshawar to Karachi, and from Kashmir to GB, girls love. Their innocent hearts expect to be cherished and loved.

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  1. A human being comes in world alone and go back alone, he has personal independent views and life.No body has rights to interfere others life, So must live others with own desires,will and free movement,friendship.Life is given once so it should be free and beautiful as a flower which gives fragrance to others around him/her.

  2. @ MUNAWAR,,,,


  3. To, Ghazala, Amna, Faiza, Maria, Prof. Seema.. HAPPY VALENTINE !!!

  4. Uss baghair glasses walee bachee kay golay bohat ala hein. Kash aur close up hota.

  5. Moin Ansari Ajma — I wish to hand over a GIFT to you on this year VALENTINE / Frankastine - in a beautiful worth-wile Eye Catching WRAPPING - kindly accept the same — therein some of — PHATTAY PAJAMAY.

  6. @5 Adnan Arshad Mansoori
    you want to send gift to male, proved yourself, you GAY !!!
    find some other guy for your gift…..try with TBP…..LOL…LOL…LOL

  7. Your stress upon — GIFT to Male — but mine point to PONDER is — what I wish to dispatch you — as a WELL Wisher -

    Oyaa-ay Ajma - Kuch-Naa - Samjhay - Khuda Karay - Koi-
    Altaf Joker - Kay - Koi- Tu- Phatay - Pajamay -See-ay - Koi-

  8. i like ur page i think it is batter eafard for youth.

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