Pakistani Girls Kidnapped after Online Friendship

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In this day and age, even though many boys might be sincerely looking for a girlfriend, some men out there are lurking for sinister purposes. They meet girls online, then plan to meet them in a certain place, and from there these girls are kidnapped, sold in brot*els, or rap*d. Cases of kidnapping have arisen in the last few months.

A lot of times these men have s*x with girls, record it, and then threaten to show it to the world if these girls leave. It is getting very dangerous. How many MMS have been circulated in the past and how many girls have committed suicide. I can only say that girls safety is in their own hands. From coming home late alone, dressing provocatively, to meeting strangers online, girls are doing everything they can do endanger themselves.

Many girls also leave their cell phone numbers carelessly on websites, blogs, and social networking sites, and this is further putting girls lives at risk. In this day and age, the dangers are evident, but girls often do not take care. It is only until something happens to someone we know do we become serious. The stranger with the sweet smile might very well be a kidnapper. In fact, the modus operandi of kidnappers is often to appear overly friendly, nice and sweet, and the next thing girls know, their lives are destroyed.

The cases of kidnapping have arisen, and people out there need to be careful. Do not reply to unwanted requests on social networking websites, to unknown calls on cell phones, or to men in chatrooms who want to indulge in dating. It is not safe.

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