Pakistani Film Revival; Film Josh selected to screen at Mumbai film festival

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Pakistani film industry that was at the edge of destruction is showing little improvement. We are seeing quite good movies from couple of years. Movies like Bol, Khuda k Liye, Lamha (Seedlings) that rocked the New York City International Film Festival (NYCFF) and built records, and now Josh (English Title: Against the Grain) by Pakistani director Iram Parveen Bilal is selected for 14th Mumbai Film Festival which is organized by Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI).

In this film josh the themes being tackled are feudalism, class separation, poverty, individual empowerment, and women’s rights. And acting is done by promising and professional Pakistani actors. The issues highlighted are simple and influential as they are the major issues that are being faced by common man not only in Pakistan but also in the other countries of the world. Such sort of movies are really need of time that highlight the problems of people.

This is really good to know that Pak movie industry is flourishing. Though it’s true that Pakistani film industry is not as mature as the Indian film industry is, however the talent present in Pakistan is as good as in other parts of the world, there is a lot of talent here and along with artistic thinking and creativity they can get successes in this industry. But if they will be only restricted to Pak India then this will simply end as it ended before. So target market should not be the India but it should be the whole world.

Creativity, artistic thinking, fresh topics and professionalism is key of success. If these things are kept in mind while working then there will be no more delays in this revival of film industry.

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