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Pakistani elections and the Taliban who stand exposed

By captainjohann • Apr 18th, 2013 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • One Response

Most of the fellow travelers in this site who have admiration for Taliban used to say:

1  They are the true followers of Sharia.
2. They oppose democracy
3. They oppose elections
4. They oppose girl’s education.

Now what we find is that Taliban are acting as the hit men of those forces which fear PPP.ANP and MQM getting back into the Pakistani senate with some credible voice.It is the retired ISI Generals who have terrific influence over these hit men to do their bidding who are calling these hits.

This is my surmise of course.

Their target is primarily ANP which shows the 5 year rule of PPP government has strengthened this political party.

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  1. Taliban and religious parties in Pakistan have their own agenda and to want to accomplish it from the time Pakistan is made. They supported USA in Cold War Era and I will not be surprised if they have to work for India or Israel even. They play with their available option better then anyone of us ever thought before. Everyone civilized person hate violence but we should not forget that the impact of violence is many fold more then political struggle. Unfortunately for some unknown sick reasons violence work better in much less time on masses then peaceful struggle and Taliban found that reality and are making best of it. If India supported Taliban to harm Pakistan then do not forget that Pakistanis would most probably accept Taliban but India would have very hard time digesting them down the line.

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