Pakistani Ambassador Attends to the Injured and the Dead due to Gas Explosion in Riyadh

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The Pakistani Ambassador to Saudi Arabia – His Excellency Muhammad Naeem Khan – and the officials of the Welfare Wing at the Embassy namely Syed Hammad Abid and Mueen Uddin Memon visited the dead and injured due to the Gas Truck explosion in Riyadh on Thursday.

They have been working relentlessly on this issue throughout Thursday and until Friday evening. On Thursday they were in fact amongst the first few to reach the scene of the accident where no other ambassador or any official from any other embassy were able to reach. They extended all help possible to the Pakistani injured and the dead.

His Excellency the Ambassador and the Welfare Wing Officials also worked hand in hand with the Saudi government officials from the Civil Defense Authorities, the Riyadh Municipalities and the Police in identifying the bodies and help arrange to shift the injured to various hospitals in Riyadh. According to the Embassy Sources (Reference: Syed Hammad Abid – Community Welfare Attache) a total of 22 dead bodies were collected from the scene of the accident and out of which 5 were identified as Pakistanis, 1 as a Saudi national and the other 1 as a Nepali citizen. The rest of the 15 bodies reportedly were charred and have been left beyond recognition. The number of injured are reported to be more than 150 out of which 5 were Pakistani nationals and the rest belonged to several other nationalities.

His Excellency the Ambassador of Pakistan and the Welfare Wing Officials have visited the injured Pakistanis who are located in National Guard Hospital, Suleiman Al-Habib Hospital in Khurais Road, National Hospital on Sitteen Street, etc. All of them are reported to be out of danger. They have received the best possible medical care at these hospitals and in fact some of them have already been discharged from the hospitals after receiving emergency medical care there. The status and details about the other injured are not known. His Excellency the Ambassador has also met with the relatives of the dead and the injured and has extended all possible help and assistance to them.

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