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Pakistan win ODI Cricket Series against India

By Mohammad Yusha • Jan 4th, 2013 • Category: Politics • 12 Comments

As predicted and expected, Pakistan has won the ODI cricket series against India. Pakistan has won both matches so far, with one remaining match whose result does not matter. Everyone knows that the Indian batting is nothing without Sachin Tendulkar, and after his retirement the Indian batting has become weak and fragile.

In both matches so far, the Indian batting has been pathetic. In the first match, even though India posted a decent score, Dhoni was dropped by Misbah ul-Haq when he had not even made twenty. He then went on to score a hundred. India’s score was courtesy a dropped catch.

it can be seen that the Pakistani cricket team they did not need Shahid Afridi’s services. Afridi’s batting has become miserable and his bowling out of form. His exclusion has given new players a chance, and they performed brilliantly, especially Junaid Khan. Also, Naser Jamshed’s batting has been the highlight of the series, with centuries in both games.

Congratulations to the Pakistani team for a fabulous performance.

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  1. Good work boys, but plz get rid of Misbah too, like Afridi.

  2. Series win in India is always a bumper prize. Well played both the teams but better team on the day won

  3. Happy to see india losing. Without Sachin, Indian cricket is 0. They should feel sorry for making Tendular retire.

  4. congratulations, Please don’t not let fielding couch go, what a phenomenal change in fielding

  5. Gay Hind all out at 165 ha-ha some super line batting from blackish ha-ha I think on temporary basis - must stop own Ha Ha Ha - as it’s not Gay Hind anymore, right after facing historical & unforgetable with full of humiliated defeat in own ground India has turned into GANDUSTAN and they aren’t blackies they are Gandians instead of Ghandians.

  6. A better team won. Congratualtions. .Pakistan has better pace attack and world class spinner in azam and a very good T20 captain who is a great all rounder. Our team is selected by the Media moghuls who control the putrse strings.Hope they intorspect

  7. Bacha Jamhora Pakistan I noticed whenever U opened mouth always showed own hatred towards India kindly try to present your hate with some undeniable facts & figures otherwise U’ll be declared as a dislike commentator anyway this series of winning in India hats off to Pakistan not long ago when they lost 3 front line players in match fixing scandal including Salman Butt/Captain & two World Class Fast bowlers. One of them at the age of 19 M Amir was reckoned as the Next Wasim Akram by the Legendary Wasim Akram himself — NO INTERNATIONAL CRICKET at home at all — intentionally/deliberately sidelined from IPL yet they managed to eatured in all WC T20 Semis since 2007 and Played 2 Finals. Made it to the SEMIS Of WC 2011. Outside from own country of origin against SA draw the test series. Beat England 3 / 0 in Test Series on a Neutral Ground won the Asia Cup at Dhak & now beat the World Champs in their own Back Yard — says all about their talent … Likes of Afridi and Razzak are Dropped from ODI and Likes of Umar Akmal and Wahab Riaz can’t make it in the 11 — I Salute you Pakistan.

  8. Mr. Raheel next time pls. don’t try to advise & believe whatever I try to present with or without facts as I challenge Pakistan will win, even if it fields 7 players against India. To cut down expenses, only 7 member team will be sent to India in future. ha ha ha - ho ho ho - hee hee hee.

  9. Capt. Jhonnan said — Our team is selected by the Media moghuls who control the putrse strings.Hope they intorspect. - & - Indian Media is not getting tired harping the string of World Champion India the unbeatable & with exciting batting line up World Champion India as an Indian all I know it is Indian Media who is sound pathetic. It is hope in future never mention previous success to cover present failure, it will only make us look like more loser but I do agree with Sunil Gavasker who said IPL players can’t play international cricket, IPL has become shame for Indians.

  10. Anil and Cpt. John Wisdom and determination to win comes only after the suffering, pain and losses. Cheer up

  11. What about last match? How much money paid to cricket team for loosing match intentionally and deliberatelly?

  12. One more thing India would never ready to play anywhere in the world in near future if she would face white wash, am I right?

    Raman Dass Gupta from Ramswami Near Lakshmi Bldg. Khi.

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