Pakistan will win ODI Series against India

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Pakistan will win the ODI series because everyone in the Pakistani team contributes, albeit a little. The problem with the Indian team is that they rely too heavily on certain players, especially Sachin Tendulkar. To add to India’s woes, he has retired from ODI cricket. Without Tendulkar, the Indian team looks weak and fragile.

Pakistan has a lot of talent, with wild card Shahid Afridi. If he comes good, then there is no stopping Pakistan. However, his inconsistent performance with both bat and ball have proven fatal for Pakistan as he is occupying a position in the team that could be better utilized by someone who can show some consistency. At the same time, you never know how it will turn out with Afridi.

The first T20 has been won by Pakistan and India’s poor performance was somewhat predictable. Indian batsmen looked nervous, and their bowlers not up to the mark. But the performance by Pakistan was outstanding. With both bat and ball, Pakistan excelled. It was a delightful performance.

Hopefully, Pakistan will continue performing well and India, well, I hope they come back to form….when the tournament is over. 🙂

I want to add that cricket is just a sport. Let us not take this too seriously. A lot of people from both sides of the border break their TV sets when their team loses, and some become ill. This is uncalled for. It is just a sport. Watch it and enjoy it.

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