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Pakistan Team for T20 World Cup 2010

By Amin Rehman • Mar 13th, 2010 • Category: Entertainment • 110 Comments

Pakistan Cricket Board’s new Chairman of Selectors Mohsin Hassan Khan is an intelligent and honest person keeping aside his personal issues with cine world and reported drunken appearance in a live TV show. When he was appointed to this post I had my all the sympathies with him as he was more interested in batting coach position as confirmed by him. He started his first day on a good note telling everyone that he will be consulting Captain and Coach in team selection as they are the main characters in composition of a team and responsible for devising a strategy and implementing it in the ground.

Mohsin must be chewing his words now as he has announced a team of 15 without a Captain for not a series against Kenya,Bangladesh and Zimbabwe rather for World Cup T20 where we are defending our title. Chairman PCB is bent upon destroying the cricket in Pakistan through every possible manner through his cronies and absolute goofs like Wasim Bari, Rana family and Yawar Saeed. Now look at the composition of the team, we have Salman Butt(possible captain), Muhammad Hafeez and Khalid Latif as openers, Misbah,Fawad, Umar, Kamran, as batsmen, Afridi, Razzaq, Hammad and Arafat as All Rounders and Gul, Aamir, Asif and Saeed as bowlers. I don’t know why I always try to find negative out of every positive thing. Mohsin apparently has been given this team to announce as evident from his statement and we may be having another Chief Selector after the world cup as Mohsin would either tender resignation after his differences with Chairman or made a scapegoat due to poor performance of the team. We should possibly make our minds for poor showing at the world cup due to following reasons:-

1.   If Salman Butt is Captain then Razzaq and Afridi would be angry;

2.  If Misbah is Captain all three above would be angry; and

3.  If Afridi is Captain then all of the Lahore players would be angry.

So we have started this team with complete non-sense method of selection without a leader. The Captain shall have an easy excuse, the team was not selected with my consent. Coach and Chairman of selectors have the same excuse and Mr.Butt is mother of all evils. Now come to the composition and selection of the team. I fail to understand, why Mr.Khalid Latif and Mr.Yasir Arafat have been selected in the team and on which basis. Yasir did not play a single match in RBS T20 and Khalid’s performance was totally pathetic not only in RBS but also in Australia. I think Khurram Manzoor performed much better both in Australia and RBS T20 comparatively and should have been in the team. We did not select a single upper order left handed batsman, rather we ignored the performances of Naved Yasin, Umer Amin, Umair Khan and so many others. We closed our eyes on Raza Hassan and Muhammad Irfan and punished them by completely ignoring them and selecting Yasir Arafat and even Muhammad Aamir without any performance or below average performance. Moral of the story is “One Phone Call makes it All”.

I have complete sympathy for Mohsin Khan and Waqar Younis in their bleak futures. By the way how come Akmal brothers are in the team in the first instance after breach of discipline in Australia. Chairman says Pakistan cricket needs them but do they need Pakistan cricket? Anyone trying to pose as larger than Pakistan Cricket should be thrown out of the team. No one is indispensable look at Brian Lara, Steve Waugh, Rahul Dravid, Micheal Vaughn, Stephen Fleming .

I would be anxiously waiting for next Pakistan Captain and Pakistan’s performance at T20 world cup.

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  1. salam amin bhai.
    i’ve gone through ur comments on mohsin khan and the selected team with all three poor openers.if u go back to 2007 T20 world cup in which we a brave opener IMRAN NAZIR.his performance in not only in that world cup but also in recent times is far much better than three openers.the way he played the final against india 2007 final,indian commentators were saying that if he will be on the wicket for next 4 to 5 overs match will be finished.but the jealous younas khan knowing that nazir is having sum cramp and cant run properly force him for a sharp single resulting nazir’s run out and which was almost the end.younas khan thought that if nazir go like this he will be the hero of the nation which i cant digest.i m sayinf wid deep sorrow y imran nazir is always punished

  2. i am also surprise why IMRAN NAZIR IS NOT included in the 15 member squad…….
    i think he is only person who reserve for t 20……..
    i think we do not need salman and latif…….instead we need amazing player nazir……..
    i am also surprise that in news paper no body raise this point that why imran nazir is not selected in the team……

  3. i think imran nazir should be selected in pak team squad also Afridi should be the captain because he his the ability of captaincy

  4. Hi Everyone,

    Can we get out of the boring Pakistan cricket which has no vision or conviction. Yousuf Pathan equalled Afridi’s record of a 37 ball hundred today at IPL. I think it was a superb exhibition of cricket.
    IPL is just super. I wished there were some Pakistani cricketers playing in it. I wished i could go to India to watch it.

  5. Afridi should be the captain because he his the ability of captaincy. he is energatic and suitable to lead the team together. Salman better is not better player than Imran Nazir why he is in the team. Imran Nazir should be in the squad. Sulman Butt does not suitable for the captaincy. He feels Pressure all the time in the ground, he drops the catches in pressure moment,he can not handle the pressure.i am not agree with Salman Butt captaincy. if he selected as a Captain it will be very poor Decision for the future of Pakistan Cricket.

  6. aslam i think abdul razaq shoud be captain

  7. Hello dear sir I think that Afridi should be captain because he
    is more experaince then salman butt thankyou

  8. Afridi shoud be captain thanks you

  9. I think Shahid Afridi can do th best captaincy than all the others and totaly disagree with the above statement where the if condition applied, i never heard about this before if this then this, then wat is this, You are playing for the nation or for the region, Pakistan is first mean pakistan is first, then no lahori, no krachian etc. Those people who think like this they are the anti-Pakistani and they should be kich out from Pakistan even if it is Ejaz Butt.

  10. shahid afridi should b a captain………….

  11. Yes, i m also totally surprized that a man who can kill any bowler in the world with his braveness, just think only one of his good innings can take Pakistan to the other stage, BUT just emagin if we lost 1st match from Bangladesh in coming t20 world cup that can be happen so i m sure if Salman But played against Bangladesh on that match we can expact 20 runs in 1st 5 overs…. then every one later will try to hit up for the runs and got out……….i m sorry guys i may thinking very worng but forgive me and this gon o b true……….because of crazzy selection of our team HOW YOU CAN GOT OUT IMRAN AZIR FROM A T20 TEAM REPRESENTING PAKISTAN, remebr the Imran Nazir’s innings of ICL , believe me if we give confidence to Imran Nazir, he is better than, Sehwag, Yousuf pathan, Gilcrist, Gyle and who ever i in the world never compete the IMRAN NAZIR, he is the best and a brave cricketer in history of Pakistan,

  12. Instead of including slow salman butt and khalid latif we can include imran nazir and nasir jamshad.Hafeez and rest of players r good but still i think pakistani team players moral is really down.They r very disappointed especially kamran,umar and Afridi.No shoab malik and rana naveed but i think we r still dangerous team for any opposition.

  13. afridi should be captain

  14. Present Pakistan team is a bunch of talented players without a proper leader who can unite them togather in a fighting unit. Under the circumstances this is a balanced line up for English conditions. Shahid or Razzaq can fill the captains cornor, however Salman will definatly fail as captain and will repent for acceping this responsibility. Ijaz Butt may still come up with a bright idea as he desires some company when he will take a final walk of shame out of Pakistan cricket, another Butt sahib will form good company. So be aware Salman, dont join him for bratheriesm sake only.

  15. it can be one captain and its nt just about lahore its a bout pakistan and it can be one energitic captain and that is SHAHID KHAN AFRIDI and the above reason that u gave about afridi is nt a reason and its not in cricket that isf one city dnt like one player then u kick him out of his job tell u something MR Mohsin Hassan Khan no on used to like u as well but still u played gd and the people let u stay it wasnt about lahore it was PAKISTAN OKA……….. so afridi is the right choice he playes gd as a captain of pakistan he hasnt lost a single match.and the reason u gave in was nt a reason but u dnt want pakistan to win the world cup t 20 thats why u are making the fights in between the players.SO PLZZZZZZZZZ STOP doing this and make afridi as a captain

  16. mohsin khan pls pls pls imran nazir comback to team allah ka wasta pls pls pls

  17. assalam alaikum,
    we need to make the squad of agressive players for the t20 imran nazir should be include in the squad. he is more experience player. he can play in any type of pressurre. i am not sure y he is not in squad he deseve it. we dont need to think about lahore we need to think about the whole pakistan. if we see ricky ponting he is good captain no one can change the captain because of his progress.
    the choices for pak cricket team is Salman, Afridi, and Razzaq. if we look their progress afridi’s progress is good and he is old and experience. he should be captain. so please think about it otherwise it will destroy pak cricket team.
    allah hafiz thank you

  18. afride is batter captean okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk banchod kuin nahi saye tem taskhel datay gandoo

  19. i am hannan azad kashmir patola teain i thing razaq is batter captain ok kanjerb ke olad gandoo kanjery k pother

  20. to all pcb and selection authorities
    plz take imran nazir as permanant opner of pak team

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