Pakistan requests Interpol to criminalize ‘sacrilegious material’

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Pakistan made a request to the world’s largest police organization Interpol to criminalize sacrilegious material; this decision is taken in response to recent issue of anti-Islam film. This request is made to decrease the religious tension around the globe. Religious violence is getting worst. So its solution is now inevitable. Otherwise it’s going to call the third world war.

Interior Minister sent a letter to Interpol Secretary General Ronald K Noble, in which mentioned ‘Interpol may work out draft legislation to effectively counter such moves by criminals, which disturbed interfaith harmony and ultimately hurt world peace,” removal of hate, or anti-religious material is also mentioned in the letter. Rehman Malik further said that Interpol should impulse member countries to draft a law that should provide guidelines regarding the blockage of anti-Islam material.

This is really a good decision taken at this time. I think if Interpol plays its part then it would be really great and it will definitely help in reducing such issues that cause violence. If it gets approval then well and good, but what I believe it’s not going to approve. No one is interested in making laws for Muslims, especially non-Muslims. So I think Muslim countries should take decision and pass a law at their behalf. Unity at this time is really required, as it will help in solving this issue. But if ignored this time then we have to face such attacks again and again. That would not be acceptable. So it’s better not to rely on others but do something by yourself.

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