Pakistan Qualified for Semi-Final!!

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Do or die, Finally Pakistan qualified for Semi-final with the blessings of ALLAH Almighty. In today’s matches, Pakistan beat Australia and qualified for semi-final on net run rate, India also beat South Africa but it could not qualify for semi-final on low net run rate than Pakistan. Both the matches were worth seeing, outclass, highly spirited and superb. Great matches and excellent performance was seen by these teams. Pakistani spinners made this possible for Pakistan against Australia, and it was really very tough match between India and South Africa.

I must say these are the happiest moments for Pakistani nation, and the prayers of whole nation that gave Pakistan this move. Though there performance against India on Sunday was poorest and I have highlighted the reasons behind that defeat, if Pakistan won that match then today’s matches doesn’t have any worth seeing. And it could be a great loss for ICC. Bookies and all those who are money oriented. I admit these things are too bad but unfortunately we have to face them.

Now Sri Lanka will play against Pakistan, and Australia against West Indies. Now let’s see who will qualify for the Final. Australia who has won 50 over World cup four times never won T20 world cup. So now Australia has chances for winningT20.

Sri Lanka has home ground advantage against Pakistan, but Pakistan cricket team is quite unpredictable. Now let’s wait until Thursday, and pray for our team’s victory. Our prayers are really worth million that always help Pakistan in difficult situations. May ALLAH bless our nation with victory and success.

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