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Pakistan Qualified for Semi-Final!!

By Sobia Raja • Oct 3rd, 2012 • Category: Entertainment, Politics • 13 Comments

Do or die, Finally Pakistan qualified for Semi-final with the blessings of ALLAH Almighty. In today’s matches, Pakistan beat Australia and qualified for semi-final on net run rate, India also beat South Africa but it could not qualify for semi-final on low net run rate than Pakistan. Both the matches were worth seeing, outclass, highly spirited and superb. Great matches and excellent performance was seen by these teams. Pakistani spinners made this possible for Pakistan against Australia, and it was really very tough match between India and South Africa.

I must say these are the happiest moments for Pakistani nation, and the prayers of whole nation that gave Pakistan this move. Though there performance against India on Sunday was poorest and I have highlighted the reasons behind that defeat, if Pakistan won that match then today’s matches doesn’t have any worth seeing. And it could be a great loss for ICC. Bookies and all those who are money oriented. I admit these things are too bad but unfortunately we have to face them.

Now Sri Lanka will play against Pakistan, and Australia against West Indies. Now let’s see who will qualify for the Final. Australia who has won 50 over World cup four times never won T20 world cup. So now Australia has chances for winningT20.

Sri Lanka has home ground advantage against Pakistan, but Pakistan cricket team is quite unpredictable. Now let’s wait until Thursday, and pray for our team’s victory. Our prayers are really worth million that always help Pakistan in difficult situations. May ALLAH bless our nation with victory and success.

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  1. My prediction

    Semi Final - Pakistan vs Sri Lanka: Pakistan (Winner)

    Semi Final - West Indies vs Australia: Australia (Winner)

    Final - Pakistan vs Australia: Australia (Winner)

  2. As I don’t know how to play cricket even do not know how to hold cricket bat so that not in position to predict like Mr. MY as he loudly claim Australia will be winner - lets wait with patience.

    As far as I know about Mr. MY his expertise are in Kala Jado/Black Magic — & — as U all know about me — my expertise are only in one single game which is called —”PALANG Polo”— while in various discussions covering the topics of PALANG POLO as this is also called Dhakar Dhoun/Oper Neechay/Ander Bahar - anyway we both exchanged some useful tips with each other now he’s jumped in Cricket - Yaa Hairat!

  3. MY although often I am with you but this time I feel Pakistan might make it to final but Windies & Lankan no further from SF - than that. I will put my bet on Pakistan or Australia. I give Lankan very little chance because of the bowling lineup they have they will struggle to make it to Semi with most teams having power pack batsman.

  4. M. YoUshaaaaa… NooOoooooO.. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Pray For Pakistan . we Will Win In sha ALLAH, but if bookies factor remained under controL.

    @AAM. YuPp true,, lets wait and pray.. if u Dun knw about The Crickt, No Problem but u can pray for PAksitan.. So Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Pray Alot ..

  5. @Annie, Lankans are going Good, As they Won all the three matches from there group, West Indies also Won 3.. And like Pakistan W.Indies is also very unpredictable team. so lets see and pray for our team the only thing that we Can do for our Team :)

  6. Jub SF ho-ria hoga - Pora Pakistan - Masrof Hoga TV kay Agay - Orr - Mein Honn Ga - Tumharay Agay - Chupkay Chupkay Yahin - Batien karien - Oss Waqt - Kia Bolti Ho - Kaisa Idea Mera?

  7. Ari O POPPUT — Voh mein keih ria honn kay — Tum Aajkal - TV per Bhi aur Yehan Per Bhi Bhot Zaida - Inshallah - Ka - Istimal - Ker - Rahi Ho - Khariat Hay - Kia - IBLEES say tumhari Omeedien Khatam Hogien Kia?

  8. Butlao - Sahih Kay Ghalat?

  9. My prediction

    Semi Final - Pakistan vs Sri Lanka: Pakistan (Winner)

    Semi Final - West Indies vs Australia: Australia (Looser)

    Final - Pakistan vs West Indies: Pakistan (Winner)

  10. Aiy Sono - voh Meri KACHOMAR vali File vapis karo - Oss Mein - Tum Ko - IBLEES - Bhai Jan nay Kia Idea dia hay - Jou Abhi Tuk Oska Postmortem ker Rahi ho? Mazaq say HUTT ker - Pls.

  11. Pakistan lose due to poor umpiring. Naser Jamshed in such sublime form given out L.B.W. to a ball pitching outside leg stump, and then wickets started falling left, right, and center.

  12. @ Sobia raja,
    Is this match also fixed as Pakistan has lost to Sri Lanka?

  13. @M. Youshaa.. YUpp false decisions played some parts, but performance was really not up to the required mark !!

    @captain johann !! respected sir !! no it was not fixed, but Pak- India match, value and situation of the match about which i said all this was quite different from this one.

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