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Pakistan Engineering Council Registration and Information

By Sumaira Bajwa • Aug 2nd, 2009 • Category: Misc • 15 Comments

The Pakistan Engineering Council is a statutory body, constituted under the PEC Act No. V of 1976 and amended vide Ordinance No.XXIII of 2006, to regulate the engineering profession in the country such that it shall function as key driving force for achieving rapid and sustainable growth in all national, economic and social fields. The council shall as its mission set and maintain realistic and internationally relevant standards of professional competence and ethics for engineers.

Its main statutory functions include registration of engineers, consulting engineers, constructors/operators and accreditation of engineering programmes run by universities/institutions, ensuring and managing of continuing professional development, assisting the Federal Government as think tank, establishing standards for engineering products and services besides safeguarding the interest of its members. The council shall encourage, facilitate and regulate working of professional engineering bodies as learned societies for creativity and custodians of technology under the umbrella of the council.

PEC interacts with the Government, both at the Federal and Provincial level by participating in Commissions, Committees and Advisory Bodies. PEC is a fully representative body of the engineering community in the country.

PEC has also been providing support to the Government in conducting technical enquiries and recommending remedial measures on the subjects referred. Over the years, the Pakistan Engineering Council has become an influential voice, which speaks for the engineering profession as a whole in the country. It forms an effective bridge between Government, industry and education.

PEC maintains a very lean secretariat at its Head Quarters at Islamabad and branch offices in all the provincial capitals.

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  1. I have successfully complete my graduation in BSIT from QUAID-e-Awam University of Engineering Science 7 Technology , Nawabshah.

    I want to that “I’m eligible for PEC Registration or not?”


  3. i am assosiate engineer, what is the procedure for registration pls tell me

  4. Please Guide me about the Registration prucedure in PEC,I want to resitrared our Engineering Firm,

  5. Dear Sir,

    I applied for registeration on prescribed form alongwith a draft of Rs.1500/- two months ago but could not receive the registeration till to date

    Best Regards

    Manager Mechanical
    D.G.Khan Cement Co. Ltd.
    :+ 92 64-111-113-333, 2474201(Ext 6553)
    : + 92 64-2469063
    È: 0333 8589 505
    Save trees! As paper is produced from the trees’ wood therefore print only, if it is necessary

  6. I had applied for renewal of membership card on 15 May 2012;life membership no. CHEM600. Kindly expedite.Regards

    Mobile 03008240248


  7. i m doing bsse from numl islamabad,and z not recognized by it possible in coming time it is recognized by pec

  8. An open appeal to Chief Justice of Pakistan


    Process of PEC for issue of a registration certificate for new engineers is so lengthy that more then one year is required for getting the certificate. The attitude of PEC present management especially registrar and staff is unsympathetic, lethargic and cold-blooded.

    I don’t comprehend when once we fill prescribed form then they check all the original documents and get all the Photostat copies as their per their own demand (and in this process they waste at least 2 ~3 month of newly passed engineers) then why they get a 10~12 month for issuing in a CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION.

    In this connection I here appeal HIS EXCELLENCY Chief Justice of Pakistan to look into matter and take action against the Registrar and PEC, Islamabad. Their record will show that how much time and why PEC is wasting years in issue of a CERTIFICATE.

  9. Is it mandatory for foreign engineering companies to be registered with PEC while working in Pakistan

  10. Dear Sir,

    I wants Rules and Regulations as category C - 3, to C - 6, because the SSGC misused the interpretation your Rules and Regulations as category C - 3, to C - 6.

    Kindly send me early as soon,

    thanks with Regards,

    Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan.

  11. Dear All
    I am Biomedical engineer working in Muscat and rejistered with PEC No. Biomedical/06.

    Saulat Idreesi

  12. i would like to register my firm in pakistan engineering council.would you please guide me the requirement of your esteemed institute

  13. Renewal fee c-5

  14. dear sir,
    i have done my B-TECH… i have 6 year experienced in electrical…… plz guide me 03452452703

  15. . I have a company of constrion. Please inform that the registered a company of pec. Rules requirements.

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