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Pakistan: A Secular State??

By Ibrahim Mahmood • Jun 28th, 2009 • Category: Politics • 37 Comments

My God, you maybe thinking, this guy has really lost it now, what does he wants? What nonsense he keeps on writing? First he was teaching us about our Islam, and then he was spreading rubbish about beards and now, this? This is too much, you must be saying, this guy is a public nuisance and ought to be locked up pronto before our children read this. Pakistan was created in the name of Islam and he is now claiming it as a secular state? Blasphemy, you may shout out aloud, who the hell he thinks he is? Amrikan agent, saala!

This is indeed an alien idea to many of us but the point of writing the above paragraph is that I know what people think about this subject and no doubt many will find it outright appalling but, yes, I will write about it and shall try to give my arguments as to what we stand to lose if we do consider Pakistan as a secular state for arguments’ sake. And no, I am not an American agent as I feel brother Hussain Obama’s recession right in my pocket and the traffic on my blog suggests that I have yet to make a single cent for what I have written. So now we can get down to business.

“You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed – that has nothing to do with the business of the State…. You will find that in course of time Hindus would cease to be Hindus and Muslims would cease to be Muslims, not in the religious sense, because that is the personal faith of each individual, but in the political sense as citizens of the State.”
[Aug 11, 1947, Quaid-e-Azam M. A.Jinnah’s address to the First Constituent Assembly]

Oh well, so the great Quaid said this, so what? Can’t he be wrong for once? Was he not a lawyer and a politician first? Maybe he was just playing to the masses; you have a right to think that. But let’s go through the various arguments given against Pakistan being a secular state.

Pakistan was created in the name of Allah as a separate nation for the Muslims, is one of the point that is often raised. By declaring Pakistan secular (Naouzobillah) will lead to nudity and obscenity in the streets as it will drive our children away from Islam, is yet another argument. This will halt propagation of Islam in the world, as Muslims it is our primary duty to spread Islam in the four corners of the world, is often said. There may be hundreds of other arguments but just to keep this essay short and readable, I will try to give my point of view.

Yes indeed, Pakistan was created to safeguard the rights of Muslims in the subcontinent but we must also realize the Muslims were coexisting with all other religions in united India for centuries but did this coexistence made our forefathers lose the faith in Islam? We should also remember that Mr. Jinnah started the Pakistan movement only after he realized that the rights of a Muslims minority in India will be at stake in the face of growing Hindu nationalism and soon after the creation of Pakistan he gave the speech in the assembly. Otherwise he could have simply told the minorities in Pakistan to leave. We should also consider that by claiming Pakistan as an Islamic state are we not taking away the rights of so many minorities living in our country and giving the same message which the Hindus gave us before creation of Pakistan? We should know that Pakistan was indeed a liberal country till Zia’s regime. Lastly, we should consider our religion is not so weak that it will not stand the test of time.

Young generation will lose their way if we allow the virus of secularism into our ranks, is a very weak argument. Unfortunately, our generation has been trumpeting our version of Islam for so long now and has this propaganda made us any better a society? I have a serious doubt. Instead, we should put some trust our younger generation as I see in them better humans and better Muslims than us. Morality is already at its lowest, I think, can it go down any further?

By showing a gun trotting and a myopic version of Islam has not helped our cause to propagate Islam in the west. We have made enemies rather than friends this way, should we not consider revising our strategy and show a more humane approach? Would we not inspire others if we show our society to be better?

Again, I quote the great Mr. Jinnah to end my lengthy essay:

“Pakistan is not going to be a theocratic state to be ruled by priests with a divine mission. We have many non-Muslims-Hindus, Christians and Parsis – but they are all Pakistanis. They will enjoy the same rights and privileges as any other citizens and will play their rightful part in the affairs of Pakistan.”
[Feb. 1948, Quaid-e-Azam M. A. Jinnah’s broadcast address to the people of the United States of America]

Indeed, we the Muslims of Pakistan, have a lot of soul searching to do to separate facts from fiction. May Allah have mercy on our souls.

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37 Responses »

  1. Pakistan was envisaged as Modern Muslim Majority Secular State by its Founding Fathers. However 11 years of Oppressive dictatorial rule, from 1977 to 1988, dealt severe blows to our secular identity, destroying the fabric of our tolerant society as it once was. Today, the democratically elected government and the people of Pakistan are jointly striving to put our country, back on the track of secularism and democracy.

  2. Pakistan was actually meant to be a Pluralistic Moslem Majority Democratic State, based on universal Islamic values, rather than an authoritarian theocratic state, ruled by Moulvis.

    Unfortunately, Moulvis like the Jamat Islami and JUI etc have a very narrow interpretation of Islam, and could never garner more than 1% of votes in any election. For this reason, they despise democracy as a ‘western concept’ and call it un-Islamic. This shows the hypocrisy of Mullahs who, in their bid to gain power would use their own ‘wrong interpretation’ to condemn democracy. The views of these power-hungry Mullahs have no place in Islam.

    It is even more unfortunate that the educated class of our country who truly understand Islamic teachings have never refuted the propaganda of Moulvis against democracy. This is why these half-baked Moulvis have been emboldened over time.

    It is only now that the world’s first anti-extremist Think Tank has come into being. Quilliam Foundation is a UK based Think Tank that is actively educating young people ( who are at a greater risk of being captivated by the rhetoric of fanatics), on the true teachings of Islam thereby refuting any doubts and misconceptions spread by extremist Moulvis and fanatic Pan-Islamists. The Quilliam Foundation not only organizes lectures and seminars to raise awareness, but also regularly publishes material. Its founding members are former extremists who didn’t know much about their religion and were caught up in the rhetoric of fanatic Pan-Islamist organizations. However, later on when they started to learn about their religion on their own, they realized that the views of fanatics had no place in Islam.This truly changed their lives, their world view and now they are actively working to help others.

  3. There are about 1.6 billions Muslims living on this planet which has got a total population of some 7 billions. It means that Muslims may be about 23% and rest all are the non believers. Keeping in view of majority; it can be safely said that this planet belongs to non believers.

    With the dawn of Final word of wisdom and light when the Book of Glorious Quran was revealed; God Almighty chose Islam as religion for the entire mankind; the same has yet not reached the masses and neither majority of people are yet convinced to come forward and accept it as their way of life.

    Where as Quran claims that the right has clearly been placed distinguished from the wrong but emphasis—- no coercion in religion.

    So Islam is a long term business assigned to the believers to strive hard on its path and present themselves as models and example so that others may follow them. A momentous Task….!

    As long as there is single non Muslim left out there, who is yet not convinced and accepted Islam as his way of life; for the respect of the person as well his belief that he is holding on; in order to give that person his due place; Islam has to pose it self as secular religion.

    In view of above the predominant Muslim states like Pakistan may have Islam as official religion…. but not as state religion and Pakistan constitution may only be recognized as true Muslim constitution if it’s neutral to accommodate all the Pakistanis Muslims and non Muslims equal…..till such time that Islam prevails over all other religions.

    Not in our life time… in any case.

  4. Khokar,

    With all due respect to Islam, why should other people take up a religion which they don’t believe in? I believe in my religion and I am happy with it. Why should I believe in other religion and change or convert to other religion? If I give you the same option will you do that?

    If you are well versed with history the Hindu scriptures are the oldest in the world and there is a mention of a person who will be God’s man coming to deliver God’s message. It is mentioned there that all the people who believe in Hindu religion should show respect to him.

    Is something like this mentioned in Islam? Why is it said that the infidels be killed and destroyed? Hinduism does not say anything like that. Now don’t point things in other direction.

    Also the article is written about Pakistan as a country being a Secular country and not what you are talking about.

    Please understand things clearly.

  5. Islam is a religion of peace!

  6. Mr. Speak Free:

    What about that bastard Narendra Moodi who, organized the massacre of 7000 innocent Moslem men, women and children in Indian State of Gujarat?? Was this fanatic Hindu he showing his love for humanity?What about Babu Bajrangi the Hindu fanatic who proudly claimed to have butchered hundreds of Moslem women and children???

  7. and today, this bastard terrorist genocide perpetrator is the Chief Minister of Indian State of Gujarat….What A SHAME!

  8. Sweet Speak free,

    Well Hinduism is not the name of any religion but a misnomer for an oldest living religion known ever since —-and practiced in the land east of Indus River. In Persian this river was known as Sindhu and thus when people of this area were described— they were called Hindus.

    Hinduism is the religion of traditions and out of its six major known divisions—only two can be said as truly living; Vedanta and yoga. Vedanta practically dominates yoga and keeps Yoga in its fold so rather than calling this religion with its geographical name as Hinduism it should be called as Vadantic. Along with all the other books called Puranas, Vedic mythology is predominantly followed by all the Hindus and especially by upper classes.

    Any how as you have rightly said that the old Hindu scriptures they do carry a prophesy of arrival of some one in later days and Hindus are asked to submit to him——-so it need not to remind you that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) came —— later. So please reconcile.

    There is no coercion in religion because right has been placed well distinguished from wrongs. Islam is here and is very much open for all——it’s any body’s choice to accept it or reject it.

    Metaphorically speaking; what ever the belief that we are holding on to; accepting the latest word of God——— as selected and revealed by the God Almighty through Quran is the end game of our lives.

    We may mock it; malign it or resist it—–but come to terms——— we have to.

  9. Khokar,

    In the scriptures it is not written that you have to submit to him. It is said to give proper respect to him, even if he is not from your religion.

    Read the scriptures properly.

  10. Hassan,

    Dude you are talking about Muslims killed in India what about the Hindus who were burnt alive in the train by the Muslims.

    Also what about the Sufi guy who took young guys to Afghanistan for war and came alone isn’t he a killer of Muslims and you guys dropped all your weapons in front of him when he made a peace deal with the Taliban.

    Also about the Modi, you better mind your business, mohajir.

    What do you know about the riots? What happened during the riots? Also you are pointing to 2002 riots. What about the 1993 riots where thousands of Hindu’s died? why aren’t you looking at that. Fascist, talk about equality and peace.

    And learn some manners about talking to people. What proof do you have to prove him of whatever you are claiming.

  11. Khokar,

    When you don’t have a vaguest of idea about a religion don’t bother to talk about it.

    Whatever explanation you have tried to give of Hindu religion, is all false and crap.

  12. Khokar read this.

    Hinduism is also referred as Vaidika Dharma, meaning “religion of the Vedas,” in the ancient Hindu scriptures. Hinduism is not strictly a religion. It is based on the practice of Dharma, the code of life. The original name of Hindu Dharma is Sanatana Dharma, or “universal religion.” The underlying tenets of Hinduism cannot be easily defined. Unlike other religions, Hindu Dharma did not originate from a single person, a single book, or at a single point in time. The foundations of this oldest surviving religion were laid by ancient rishis (sages), who taught their disciples the eternal principles of life they had discovered through their meditations. Hindu Dharma is essentially a religion of principles rather than persons. Since Hinduism has no founder, anyone who practices Dharma can call himself a Hindu. Statistically, there are over 800 million Hindus, concentrated mainly in India and Nepal.

    Hindustan was the land that existed beyond the river Indus, and those that lived there were referred as Hindus. We can see clearly that the word Hindu was originally a secular word meant to define and distinguish people of the Indian subcontinent, rather than those practicing a particular religion.If we go by these ancient traditions, there is hardly any difference between a Hindu and an Indian. Both the words were corrupt forms of the original Sanskrit word ‘Sindhu’ meaning river in general and the Indus river in particular. The Greeks referred to those living in the subcontinent as ‘Indos’ while the Muslim scholars called them ‘Hindus’.

    There was however one particular difference. The Greek historians who called the subcontinent as ‘Indos’ hardly knew much about the religious activity of the region, while the Muslim scholars had some knowledge of the native traditions though not in complete detail.But they chose to describe the natives as Hindus to contrast them with the Muslims. The Europeans who came to India from the sixteenth century onwards followed the same tradition and referred the natives as Hindus to distinguish them from the non-Muslims. More than tradition perhaps it was convenience which prompted them to use the word ‘Hindu’ to describe the vast majority of the non-Muslim population of India.

  13. Dear Mr Speak Free:
    Calm down. We ought to condemn all perpetrators of violence.

    However Genocide is the ultimate crime against humanity. And the Hindu fanatic Narendra Moodi is undoubtedly the perpetrator of the Genocide of 7000 innocent Indian Moslem Women and Children in just a few days.

    What I’m asking is that despite that there are irrefutable proofs of bastard Moodi, why has he never been brought to justice? Why is Indian police so helpless in arresting this Genocide Perpetrator. Isn’t it a shame that this butcher is today a Chief Minister of your Gujarat State of India. Even the United States Government denied him a visa, as they consider him a genocide perpetrator.

    As for the proofs, your own Indian TV Channels broadcast a footage of Babu Bajrangi, who proudly claims to have butchered hundreds of Moslem women and children and says that he was personally congratulated by Moodi. Was Babu Bajrangi showing his love for humanity by butchering innocent Moslem women and children??

    What about the Congress Moslem MP Ehsan Jaffery who served India for his entire life and he along with 500 Moslem Women and Children who had sought refuge in his compound were literally butchered by Hindu Fanatic Mobs

    On February 28, 2002, communal riots broke out in Gujarat

    By early morning, a large Hindu mob (estimated at over 20,000[7])gathered at the Gulberg Society in the Chamanpura suburb of Ahmedabad. This was an almost entirely Muslim housing society where the septuagenarian Ehsan Jafri lived.

    According to First Information Report of the incident filed by police inspector K.G. Erda[8], the mob started attacking Muslim owned establishments in the morning and were disbursed by the police. However, they reassembled around 1 PM armed with swords, sticks, pipe and kerosene, and shouting “Jai Shri Ram”[9]. The report by the Human Rights Watch affirms that a mob of thousands, dressed in saffron scarves and khaki shorts - the uniform of the RSS - and armed with swords[1], had blown up gas cylinders to blast through walls in the Gulbarga society. The report also mentions that the rioters were guided by voter lists and computer printouts with the addresses of Muslim-owned properties, information obtained from the local municipal administration.

    [1] According to at least five Hindu witnesses presented before the [[Nanavati Commission]. Chamanpura is in central Ahmedabad and barely a kilometre from the police station, and less than 2 km from the Police Commissioner’s office[10]. Believing the area to be safe given Jafri’s presence, many Muslims in the area had gathered in his compound. Around 10:30 in the morning, the Ahmedabad Commissioner of Police, P.C. Pandey, personally visited Jafri and apparently assured him that police reinforcement would be coming.

    In the next five hours, Jafri and top Congress officials of the state repeatedly kept calling the police and other government officials requesting safe transport for the residents, but no help arrived[10]. The FIR by Erda[8] further stated that the police station had 130 policemen on duty that day, and were well armed with teargas shells. However, no one was deployed to disburse the crowd, despite Ehsan Jafri and top Congress politicians repeatedly contacting the Director General of Police, Police Commissioner, the Mayor, Leader of Opposition in the State parliament, and other top government officials[11].

    In 2007, Ashish Khetan, an investigative journalist from Tehelka, acting as an RSS man from Delhi, obtained spycam film footage where one of the accused, Madan Chawal, describes how the “mob took cylinders from other houses. The cylinders were placed along the wall and set afire… resulting in an explosion that damaged the almost two-feet thick wall.”[2]. Subsequently, he said that Jafri opened fire on the mob and injured a few people. Finally he offered the mob money pleading for them to spare him and the other Muslims in Gulbarg. At this, the mob told him to come down to them with the money. As soon as he stepped out, he was grabbed.

    Chawal recalled the killing: Paanch-chheh jan pakad liye the, phir usko jaise pakad ke khada rakha phir logon mein se kisi ne talwar maari… haath kaate… haath kaat ke phir pair kaate… phir na sab kaat dala… phir tukde kar ke phir lakda jo lagaye thhe, lakde uspe rakh ke phir jala daala… zinda jala daala…

    Five or six people held him, then someone struck him with a sword… chopped off his hand, then his legs… then everything else… after cutting him to pieces, they put him on the wood they’d piled and set it on fire… burnt him alive…[2]

    The mode of murder corroborates with the fact that no part of Ehsan could be identified by his son. Only a sandal was found.

    Even Indian Congress Leader Sonia Gandhi, for whom I have great respect, called Moodi a Genocide Perpetrator.

    Mr. Speak Free:
    Please condemn this genocide perpetrator butcher Narendra Moodi, just for the sake of humanity, just to pay tribute to those 7000 Moslem Women and Children butchered in just 2 days by Hindu fanatics in Gujarat.

    We also have extremists in Pakistan…but I must say that our fanatics are far more humane than these Hindu Fanatic Butchers that you guys have in India.

    Yes I’m proud to be a Mohajir. Seeing my Moslem brothers and sisters butchered in India by butchers like Narendra Moodi who are Chief Ministers, I feel that our Quaid-e-Azam Jinnah made a very wise decision to demand the partition of India, for creation of a Muslim homeland in 1947.

  14. Dear A Khokar Sahab and Dear Mr. Speak Free:

    Please read the paragraphs in italics in the above comment……It literally brings tears to ones eyes, considering how brutally the Moslem Indian MP Ehsan Jaffery was butchered by a mob of 20000 Hindu Fanatics. What a shame

    Speak Free:

    You may now start propaganda against Pakistan, but one thing is very clear that there is NO instance in our Pakistani History wherein a mob of 20,000 fanatics gathered to commit a genocide. Such things unfortunately happen only in India!

    like I said before,

    We do have extremists in Pakistan…but I must say that our fanatics are far more civilized than these Hindu Fanatic Butchers of India who take pride in committing genocides against innocent Moslems

    Mr. A Khokar…I hope you agree with me. We are indeed fortunate to have our own dear Moslem homeland of Pakistan!

    Pakistan Zindabad!

  15. Here is how Congress Moslem Leader Ehsan Jaffery’s widow relives that day of terror

    Recalling the horrors of February 28, Razia Jafri said they had been warned that morning of the possibility of disturbances in their locality. “Our colony had 19 houses,” she said. “Only one belonged to a Hindu; the rest belonged to Muslims. Hindu families surrounded us, but we never had any tensions.”

    The Jaffreys had been living in Chamanpura since 1969 and the septuagenarian did not expect any trouble. “But by 8.30am we could sense the tension mounting,” Razia Jaffrey said. “My husband started calling people for help while other residents of the colony gathered in our house, which was quite big.”

    Outside the main gate, a mob had started collecting. “Jaffreysaab got worried. He called the police commissioner, his party president Amarsinh Chaudhary and scores of leaders.” For almost three hours he continued to make frantic phone calls, pleading for help. “At one point he even cried on the phone to save so many lives. But no one, not a single leader, not one policeman, came to our rescue.”

    “Ehsanbhai called me more than four times,” admitted former chief minister, “but I was helpless. I could not get Police Commissioner [P C] Pande on the line. I could not save them. I got more than 200 calls from Muslims on the first day on three phone lines. People from all over Gujarat were calling and asking for police help, asking for protection, asking for a rescue team.”

    Chaudhary said many Hindu Congressmen were also calling him because they had sheltered panic-stricken Muslims in their houses and, as a result, had started feeling unsafe themselves. “Mad crowds were abusing them,” Chaudhary said.

    At 10.30am Jaffrey told his wife to go to upper floor of the house. “That was the last time I saw him,” she said. “By 11am stone-pelting began. Our boys tried to resist initially, but the crowd multiplied in no time.”

    The people hiding inside Jaffrey’s house were terrified. “By then we had realised that all of us were going to die,” said Jaffrey. Her husband continued to think the police would come and disperse the attackers, “but it never happened”.

    Jaffrey had a licensed pistol, “but he knew that one pistol can’t save you from 20,000 fanatics. He fired in the air to disperse the crowd, but it proved ineffective.”

    By now the mob was throwing Molotov cocktails and burning tyres at the house. “The womenfolk doused those tyres with blankets. The women and children did everything they could.

    “But at 1.30pm the crowd entered from the back. We had locked our home from inside and the crowd was waiting outside to kill us.”

    The mob was brandishing tridents, staves and swords and shouting filthy abuse. “I can’t even describe what they were saying about the women,” she said. “It is the most filthy language I have ever heard.”

    Two youths who went to lock the main gate were caught and killed with swords, then set afire. “We had no idea what to do! Whom to turn to?”

    Razia Jaffrey still believes that if the police had appeared on the scene on time, they would have all been saved. “By 3pm the ground floor was on fire, engulfed in smoke,” she continued. “Imagine burning 18 bungalows full of wood furniture. But we could not run out for fear of being lynched.”

    More horrors were in store. The mob brought out gas cylinders from the other houses, piled them up outside the Jaffreys’ and set them alight. “They burst the cylinders in front of our home where more than 150 people were crying for life,” she said. “We were scared and praying to Allah!”

    Those hiding on the upper floor were saved, but those on the ground floor were engulfed in the fire. At 3.30pm the police finally arrived on the scene and opened fire to disperse the mob. “When I came down,” Jaffrey said, “it was all over. I could not believe my eyes. I could not find my husband’s body. My neighbours were unrecognisable too.”

    She had been waiting 24 hours to get custody of her husband’s body when contacted her. “The police are not helping us, nor am I allowed to go home to look for his body. I think I’ll go mad,” she cried.

    She is now living with a relative. The hurt and anger are evident in their eyes, though they are careful not to reveal any of it in words.

  16. Dear Mr. Speak Free:
    The purpose of describing these incidents is not to start a blame game. I have nothing against you or India. It is only the fanatics that we need to condemn. And even much of Indian population believes that Indian Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Moodi must be brought to justice for these crimes against humanity.

    As human beings, we share common values. Ans India-Pakistan politics has nothing to do with our shared respect for humanity.Those like bastard Narendra Moodi, who are responsible for butchering 7000 innocent human beings, must be brought to justice and punished in an exemplary way

    I hope you agree with me.

    Take Care

  17. Mr. Speak Free:


    Its not about religion, but Shared Human Values. OK?

    Yes I hate those terrorists also who call themselves Moslems and perpetrated violence against innocent Hindus. They should have been brought to justice and punished in an exemplary manner. All bastard terrorists be it Narendra Moodi or be it Bin Laden must be brought to justice.


    I never used the term “bastard Hindu Narendra Moodi”, but I always referred to him as “bastard Narendra Moodi”. So I don’t really understand why it offends you.

    What pains me is that Narendra Moodi, despite his well known involvement in that Genocide of Moslems has still not been brought to justice. And the worst thing is that he is serving as a Chief Minister of an Indian State. It is a slap on the face of Indian Secularism and System of Justice.

    I hope you agree with me.

  18. # 9

    Speak Free says:

    [It is said to give proper respect to him, even if he is not from your religion.]

    Some thing is prophesied hundred of year ago and then there is long wait————- and when he arrives. If this exercise is not for accepting him then to give him lip service- respect for what and why?

    Mr Speak Free is in any case you are not expected to accept any facts, logic or reasoning because you come here not to accept the facts but to oppose and deviate n derail the discussions.

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is prophesied in Vedas

    Description of prophecy with locations and references in Vedas is given in— Blog Adab Arz.
    Reference here:


  19. Speak Free

    # 10

    Islam is a religion chosen by God Almighty for the entire mankind; where as you have mentioned in #10 above that:

    ‘[Hinduism is not strictly a religion.]’

    When you put up your claim like this; question of any further discussion or comparison — may not arise.

  20. # 9

    Speak Free says:
    In Hindu scriptures; ‘[It is said to give proper respect to him, even if he is not from your religion.]’

    Some thing is prophesied hundreds of year ago and then there has been a long wait————- and when he arrives. Then what to do?

    If this exercise of a long wait was not for accepting him then to give him just a lip service— simply to respect him and not to accept him; it is illogical. Then this superfluous respect—– for what and why?

    Mr Speak Free in any case—- you are not expected to accept any of the facts, logic or reasoning given here because you come here not to accept the facts, logic or reasoning but to mock, oppose and deviate n derail the discussions.

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is very duly prophesied in Vedas.
    Description of prophecy with locations and references in Vedas is given at my blog; Adab Arz.Blog. Please do visit there if you want to.


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