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Pak Military under its Seasonal US Pruning

By A Khokar • Jun 21st, 2011 • Category: Politics, Worth A Second Look • 29 Comments

All the states in the world, they have their militaries but in Pakistan, its military has a state of its own and is virtually in command and control of its rein. The present day civilian democratic facade seen erected there, serves a phony facade just to facilitate the safe sailing of military through the troubled waters on the high seas of American imposed War on terror in this region; where Pak military acts as US proxy.

But the irony is that facade and the mask of democracy since put up there is not entirely Pak military’s own idea. This bears its origin in CIA overall plan to create US anchorage in this region and to be in control of Central Asia, where as Pak military as a US subservient is executing the planned operation as a facilitator. Pak military, a recipient of large scale US perks also sees its own survival  in it.

Some three years back when General Pervez Musharraf was asked to step aside; the master mind of masked facade of democracy, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, then the chief of ISI ( known as the creator of NRO); was handed over the rein of the state.

Whereas US is very much paying the costs of Pak military operations conducted in the area; it also pays and supports the makeup of the facade…of democratic government in Pakistan which is obviously made of impotents and corrupt to their core stooges like Asif Ali Zardari, feeding on US aids and other perks and largesse.

The present day cuts and trims seen, unleashed and applied by CIA through its subversive onslaught against Pak military and its command leaving Pak military humiliated in the eyes of masses and its position undermined— is just a seasonal pruning of a proxy—- to cut and keep it to its size.

Lately the 139th Corps Commanders conference press release of 9th June 2011 is the most distressing communique ever came out from the offices of ISPR speaking the frantic state of mind of battered bunch of generals giving all but the tales of colossal military failures and the setback of recent events. It’s every single sentence is so revealing of US intelligence entrapment of our forces as how the CIA that once the company of which our military used to cherish at every step; all of a sudden was seen simply walking away from that relationship, leaving the entire set up of ISI and its net work, lying flat on all its four limbs down in one single CIA blow of  Abbotabad stealth raid operation. Later other incidents, of Mehran Naval base Karachi, torturing and killing of Journalist Saleem Shahzad, Killing of young boy by Rangers and the Akhroatabad inciden, only they kept on adding to the list of failures.

With due apologies to Mirza Ghalib:

Bara shour Suntay they Hathi Ki Dum Ka- Jo Dekha tou Bas ek Dhagia Tangi thi

It is not difficult to ascertain that the military command of Kayani  lately seen showing its somehow potent muscles toward US will eventually be sidelined and may be dumped as a spent cartridge—– like his predecessor—- Pervez Musharraf.

Question is that; where has that Virtue of wisdom, sincerity , benevolence, courage and strictness of the high command gone, which is known to have always stood up firm and steadfast?

Sorry to say that the way Habib Jalibs would have described the situation;

Apney naheen logo Yeh gernail, Yeh  Lagharay; Yeh Zardaray

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29 Responses »

  1. So much blood at the hands of both Military & ISI, time has come to put the leaders of these organization (past & present) on trail in Internal courts for terror & atrocities committed by them against non-Punjabis.
    Americans have to help non-Punjabi provinces to become independent and put a stop to Punjabis treating non-Punjabis as second class citizens.

    Pakistan military behind recent attempt to assassinate Zardari’
    From ANI
    Tehran, June 5(ANI): The recent bid to assassinate Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari is part of the military’s policy to “attempt on those lives with whom they have a difference,” a professor of Law at Trinity University in Washington has said. ….The professor said that blast or terrorist incidents in Pakistan, including the assassination attempt against Zardari, is basically the “policy of the military, which is sometimes hidden and sometimes open.”…..He claimed that terrorism and killing, shooting and sectarian violence in the country were “basically an official policy of Pakistan’s military” to ensure its influence over the political landscape of Pakistan.

  2. You have refrained giving the timeline when Kayani will be dispensed with and who will replace him.
    Why AAZ who is the Supreme Commander does not act on the orders of US to do away with Kayani.

    By the way Ghalib did not say”Haathi ki Dum”.He said:

    “Pehlu mein dil ka”

  3. @Moin Ansari,

    Are you in your senses?

    Tomorrow you will ask your benefactor,USA,to settle disputes between,Jatois,Junejos,Zaradris,Legharis,Arains,Jaats,Butts.

    I don’t know where you will stop!

  4. anonymous

    So I said with due apologies to Mirza Ghalib to make a parody of a couplet borrowed from his Biaz to describe the true situation.

    The original couplet is somewhat like this:

    Buhat shore suntay thay pehlu mein dil ka
    Jo cheera tou IK katra-e-khoon na nikla.,/em>

  5. anonymous

    As I tried to explain that Asif ali Zardari is in the game on a specific contract and believably he is doing very well—- for which he duly being rewarded..

    He will be fool; if he tries to indulge in some conspiracy move; he is having a good time; He has:
    Panchoon Ghee main

    Anyhow he is in it that by virtue of it that on Miss Bhutto demise he was present there as her husband to claim the heritage of Bhutto. Can you otherwise foresee by any stretch of imagination that man would have reached that Far?

  6. Moin,

    In your comments; some thing smells fishy — the views to instigate and misguide people

  7. Khokar, do you think that US really want to dislodge Kayani and his acolytes, because they have become expendable?

  8. Zardari has got a lottery of his lifetime. He must be laughing in his spare time at the Pakistanis who have accepted him as president. What a pity.

  9. A Khokar is next Saleem Shahzad…b’ware !!!

  10. This is another conspiracy theory and this is an endless blame game which has been going on for ages. Both Pakistan and America should do critical thinking and play it safe in the international media.

  11. Pakistan must better its relations with the US and utilize the aid in defeating militancy in the country. It is important that we fight militancy in Pakistan.

  12. The situation will only improve when these people will stop this blame game and focus their energies on something positive, such as eradicating terrorism.

  13. Khokar sb, a good take on the prevalent situation.

  14. Kashif and Dear friends

    In present day and times, supposedly there are so called two independent pillars of government in Pakistan; the angered judiciary (supreme court) and our freewheeling Media. For quite sometimes; both the organs are seen exceptionally active in digging the truth and bringing it above the surface.

    Where Judiciary keeps on passing its verdicts against corruptions and injustices by this government; the Media since long is gauging the situ as so bleak that every night the talk shows would end predicting as the very next day… government would fall. But did any think happened for what the Judiciary has been passing the verdicts or the media has been creating hype. Nothing at all —–except this government has always showed… two figures to everyone.

    One would say why it is so and why everything is so mysterious?

    Man this bunch of stooges, so installed has got nothing to lose. As stated above they are just phony actors placed up there to let you and me believe that probably; we have a democratic setup in our country— they may only do which is giving them just another day to stay in there. ….. Whereas our US proxy military is—- all in all in control and is orchestrating as usual whatever is necessary to manipulate the affairs. Knowing it to be such to ask the present government to bring about any changes in peoples’ lives is totally absurd on our part as there is nothing in their hand to deliver.

    Having said all that above; this is altogether a different story whether what all our military while acting as US proxy is doing; will our nation benefit from this or not?

    But I only know that: while in love with US; the entries in US arena allocated for her proxies like Pakistan is always with great pomp and show but their leaders without any exception; they end up humiliated and gallows always awaits them at the end—- and —-often they are seen losing their countries too.


  15. Saleem Kirla,


    Thank you very much for such a grand complement and —-equating me with the Great Saleem Shahzad.

    But in reality, you have paid too great a compliment to a critic to imagine me the man of much greater profundity than what a humble sole I really am.


  16. Prof. Seema Khalid
    I agree that there are very few peoples—- finding themselves so lucky like Zardari.

    But other side of the story is that; —–may God save this country…because it is so fearsome that; God always place the type of rulers over the people which they deserve.

  17. wasim younis

    @ 12

    Demoralization, Destabilization, Crises and Normalization are the four stages—- spread over a long period of times that a nation like Pakistan is subjected to the enemy act of subversion to subjugate or make it fall. Pakistan is fixed in destablization stage.

    Plz go through the 7 parts ‘You Tube’ lectures of Tomas Schuman (Yuri Bezmenov) ex-KGB delivered in L.A. in 1983.

    Hopefully you will be able to appreciate that whether some thing is conspiracy theory or otherwise.

    Plz Link:

  18. @Khokhar:

    Where it’s a compliment, it also is an advice to be safe.
    Keep safe and keep writing !!!

  19. @ A Khokar
    We as citizens need to act responsible and not talk about issues which have been surfacing for a long time and might as well add that there is no concrete evidence. We need to calm down as a nation and think out of the box. The blame game has to stop otherwise we are just damaging our own image!

  20. Where has this Nazia Gone?

    Nazia: You are marked as being absent.
    Hope— you have not been picked up by your favorite intelligence agency?

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