Pak-India Match! Real victory Or A Planted Match??

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Success or failure in game is part of game, but it hurts when we hear that the failure was not because of bad performance but because of some other unethical means.

Pak-India Match on Sunday, what were we looking and what happened? When Pakistan played I realized the situation that Pakistan is not doing well, its batting was poor, and its fielding was also not working, but is it really like that?? Aren’t there some facts that should be revealed?? I can also consider it a simple professional defeat but things are bit different.

It is reported from some sources that match was planted, I know the whole Indian fans and some of Pakistanis are not going to believe this, they will say that it was Pakistan cricket team’s defeat that’s why we are saying all this, but no, its fact that this all was game in game, India is a big market so they don’t want to lose it, that’s why they showed Pakistan as favorite but in real it was different from the real story.

Just think for a while a team that played in last moments against South African and won the match, has won the warm-up match against India, is that too poor to have a big score against India?? No, we know well how Pakistan played in warm up match. If you think India rocks!! Yes India rocks because of its huge market. Just think for a while if India lost today then South Africa and India would have been thrown out, tournaments overall money would have been affected, so they made Pak to win last match and lost today just to remain this group alive. Gimmicks or something else but it hurts. It’s all the game of money.

I know it’s useless to discuss all about it, but I think facts should be revealed.. So let’s come out from these gimmicks, if someone is planning all this outside then our conscience should be strong enough to compete with all this, we are answerable to ALLAH as well. So must think before doing anything unethical and illegal.

Harangue over!

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