Our Youth has great potential, Which One?

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Our youth has great potential, I listen and read this statement almost every day, many people almost from all walks of life say and believe on this statement but every time when I listen this statement I wonder and laugh on these people because either they are completely out of touch from our society or they can’t see the hard reality behind that pomp and show.

I don’t know about which youth they talk about that can do wonders and miracle because the youth that I have seen and live with them is all about face book, twitter, and mobile phones. They are just dedicated to face book. It does not matter either they study or not, it does not matter either they have prepared their assignment or not, it does not matter either they have dinner or not but the thing that matter for them most of all is have they updated their face book status? Have they commented on their friend’s status and pictures?

Most interesting thing I know about this so called potential youth is almost 60 to 75 percent of their time they spend either using face book or texting at mobile phones and the worst thing is that not only school, college, university boys and girls are engaged in this habit that I call a disease but professional people, young office professionals are too active face book lovers.

I the youth I know compete with each other in branded clothes, shoes instead of humanity and modesty. The youth I know love to break and challenge the law rather than respecting them and teaching others to follow. The youth I see around me is all just set to talk about movies, dramas, brands and almost everyone is crazy to go out of country and if ever by mistake someone talks about country, social problems, humanity, discipline or rules, others laugh at him and make a play thing out of him.

So I don’t know which potential our youth has other than face book?

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