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Our nation is not ready for Elections

By Dawar Naqvi • May 8th, 2013 • Category: Politics • No Responses

You can’t push anyone up the ladder unless he or she is ready to climb. There are strings of attacks on parties and candidates since campaigning began last month for the general election on 11 May.

Residents pay dearly if the democratic fiesta continues violent on the day of election, if lives are claimed or people are displaced. An unfavorable political climate scares investors more, adversely affects economy. Our economic situation is already in the bad shape.

Security is an essential element for any fair elections.

Outcome of elections depends on majority votes. Three major parties are facing continuous threats by Taliban. Their candidates, workers and supporters are being killed by Taliban on daily basis.

Another possibility Pakistanis may vote in favor of a party under the influence of the majority.

It is the citizens who hold the right to elect their representatives and their governing authorities. According to a common observation, not all the Pakistanis are fully aware of the political scenario in Pakistan. The common Pakistanis are not aware of the political and global issues facing Pakistan today. This may result in people making the wrong choices during election.

As seen in many times, democracy was hijacked and political dynasties were established.

So far only a few political parties are running fearless election campaign. We have also seen lack of discipline in the workers of key political parties in the recent election campaign. More than once political workers fought each other during serving food and public gatherings.

In these circumstances I humbly request Chief of Election Committee, Chief justice of Pakistan and Chief of Army Staff to postpone or cancel the election. Our nation is not ready for peaceful and fair elections.

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