Orya Maqbool Jan Predictions About Dajjal – India Pakistan War

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For some time, Orya Maqbool Jan has been warning the people of Pakistan, especially the Muslims to wake up as the decisive times have almost come. By quoting the people who are close to the Rohaniyat, Orya has been warning that all the floods, earthquakes and other woes which have been descended upon the Pakistan are fore-warnings for us.

In his latest Urdu column, Orya has clearly said that India and Pakistan’s war in 2013 is imminent. He says that Indian Jogis and Pundits have already studied the stars and have convinced their military junta that if they want to conquer Pakistan, this is the time, otherwise Pakistan will become invincible and conquering Pakistan wouldn’t be possible for the next hundred of years. For them this time is ripe and ideal. For them, war is only solution.

Orya has also quoted some Hadith for the arrival of Dajjal. Indian pundits predict that as the war between Paksitan and India will start, Pakistan will start winning as people will join it from other parts of world and then a Maha Rishi will come down from Himalyas. Orya says that they are refering to Dajjal who will appear in Isfahan, Iran. In that war, river Sindh will turn red with blood at the location of Attock.

Orya says that it has already been predicted that there will be four wars between Pakistan and India. First will carry on for 17 days, in second, Eastern arm will dismember, third will be limited one, and fourth will be decisive, in which Pakistan will be the victor. So now 3 have already been fought, and now it seems 4th is imminent.

Are we prepared?

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