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Orya Maqbool Jan Predictions About Dajjal - India Pakistan War

By Zeenat Rehman • Aug 12th, 2013 • Category: Features • 12 Comments

For some time, Orya Maqbool Jan has been warning the people of Pakistan, especially the Muslims to wake up as the decisive times have almost come. By quoting the people who are close to the Rohaniyat, Orya has been warning that all the floods, earthquakes and other woes which have been descended upon the Pakistan are fore-warnings for us.

In his latest Urdu column, Orya has clearly said that India and Pakistan’s war in 2013 is imminent. He says that Indian Jogis and Pundits have already studied the stars and have convinced their military junta that if they want to conquer Pakistan, this is the time, otherwise Pakistan will become invincible and conquering Pakistan wouldn’t be possible for the next hundred of years. For them this time is ripe and ideal. For them, war is only solution.

Orya has also quoted some Hadith for the arrival of Dajjal. Indian pundits predict that as the war between Paksitan and India will start, Pakistan will start winning as people will join it from other parts of world and then a Maha Rishi will come down from Himalyas. Orya says that they are refering to Dajjal who will appear in Isfahan, Iran. In that war, river Sindh will turn red with blood at the location of Attock.

Orya says that it has already been predicted that there will be four wars between Pakistan and India. First will carry on for 17 days, in second, Eastern arm will dismember, third will be limited one, and fourth will be decisive, in which Pakistan will be the victor. So now 3 have already been fought, and now it seems 4th is imminent.

Are we prepared?

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  1. If Maha Rishi is ‘Dajjal’ then Pakistan will not be victorious. No chance…. till Allah helps us in the form of Imam Mahdi or Hazrat Eisa.

    Allah (SWT) knows best that what lies ahead. But as per some sources (which may be wrong), India will first beat the hell out of Pakistan. That war will be between India and Pakistan. It seems legit as we Pakistanis need to learn a lesson. When India will be on the verge of winning the war, Muslims from all parts of the world will start coming and fighting with India. That will be Ghazwa-e-Hind in which India will be defeated and its rulers will be taken captive.

    Dajjal will come out of anger when he will see his supporters getting defeated. Then Muslim forces will turn to move towards middle east to fight the decisive war against Dajjal and its allies.

    I have heard the above only and it may be wrong. But there is nowhere mention of Dajjal’s involvement in Ghazwa-e-Hind, at least I haven’t heard of it.

  2. Why it wud b called as Ghazwa?

  3. comment 2:

    I don’t have any idea, but this is reported in some hadiths. A little search on the internet got this:

    Ghazwa-e-Hind in the Light of Hadith-e-Nabvi Sall-Allaho-’Alayhe-Wasallam:

    This Hadith is related to Hazrat Abu Hurairah (R.A.). He says that my intimate friend Hadhrat Muhammad (Sall-Allaho-’Alayhe-Wasallam) told me that:

    “In this Ummah, the troops would be headed towards Sindh & Hind”

    “Hazrat Abu Hurairah (R.A.) says that if I could find a chance to participate in any of such movement & (while participating in it) I be got martyred, then well & good; if came back as a survived warrior, then I would be a free Abu Hurairah, to whom Allah Almighty would have given freedom from the Hell.”

    A few references:

    With these words, only Imam bin Hambal (R) narrated this Hadith in ‘Masnad’ and Ibn-e-Kaseer copied with his reference in ‘Al-Badaya Wa Nahaya’.

    Imam Nisai did narrate this Hadith in both his books: ‘As Sunan Al Mujtaba’ & ‘As Sunan Al Kubra’ with the following wordings, that Hazrat Abu Hurairah (R.A.) says, Hadhrat Muhammad (Sall-Allaho-’Alayhe-Wasallam) did promise us of Ghazwa-e-Hind. If I got chance to participate in it, then I would spend all my energy & wealth in it. If I got slained, then I would be considered among the most great martyrs. And if came back, then would be a freed Abu-Hurairah.

    Imam Behqi (R) has also copied the same wordings in ‘As Sunan Al Kubra’. In his another narration, there is one addition. With the reference of Ibn-e-Daood, Masdad told about Abu-Ishaq Fazari that he used to say: ‘I wish that I could participate in the Ghazwat of Marbad (some place in East towards India from Arab), instead of all those Ghazwaat which I did in city Rome’.

  4. Mustafa,
    Who is Orya maqbool Jan?
    What is Rohaniyat?
    what is Daijaal?

  5. Lo kar lo gal

  6. @johann: Orya is Urdu column writer, who normally writes about the religious-political topics and these days attached with Express News paper.

    Rohaniyat means spirituality.

    Dajjal would be the false messiah. You can read about Dajjal here. I guess Christians call him as anti Christ.

  7. Kashif, thanks for educating me on this

  8. This is what religion can do to you. It turns you into psycho-maniac. Orya maqbool Jan has created his own history, his own science, he probably has his own country, heck his own world that he lives. Zaid Hamid (The laal topi waala balongra) also made prediction, he predicted of ghazwa-e-hind in 2010 or 2011. It didn’t happen. And allow me to demonstrate his idiocy, here is the what Orya is saying according to this article;

    “Indian Jogis and Pundits have already studied the stars and have convinced their military junta that if they want to conquer Pakistan, this is the time, otherwise Pakistan will become invincible and conquering Pakistan wouldn’t be possible for the next hundred of years. For them this time is ripe and ideal. For them, war is only solution.”

    First of all military junta is in Pakistan, not in India. Military Junta takes over its own country and removes its own government, and boy does Pakistan Army act fast on that convincing. Plus idiotic convincing to attack a country doesn’t happen easily or overnight, or taken seriously. But this guy is speaking as if he is present in those meetings. Is Orya in his senses, we don’t know. Third, Pakistan becoming invincible. Well, you don’t become invincible by writing fantasy columns in a urdu paper. For that a nations has to struggle, it needs to work hard, it needs to builds relationships and friends around the world not fight them, its people has to have a stake in it, it needs good education, good economy. Now if I were given a option to do all of above or believe in conspiracy theories and not do jack sh!t, I myself would love to believe that the entire world is conspiring against me.

    Finally I know playing Call of Duty and Counter Strike makes war look cool, and we enjoy talking about it, and somehow we wish to see these things come true, which seems to be the case with many Orya followers. But war is not pretty, and chances are you are not going to like it.

  9. How does Orya know that 4 wars have been predicted?? Why weren’t their results predicted?? did it predict that India was definitely going to kick Pakistan’s a$$ in the first 3. And where is all this predicted?? Probably a book that Orya wrote himself after the first 3 wars. Heck if all these predictions are there then we could have prepared better for them. Is there a prediction that Pakistan Army will beat Pakistan 3 times (3 military takeovers) consecutively??

  10. this kind of war mongering is nothin new. this is a hype created by our military n religious zealots to keep the military budget inflated. kashmir cause is lost, americans will b pulling out of afghanistan soon so a reason is needed to keep the junta strong and thriving. best way to do is by creating fear and raising the adernaline of economically deprived uneducated lot.
    which religion we r talkin about; the one whose followers in our country are divided in thousands of fiqah and if they can have their way will not lose a second to wipe the other one out.
    the basics of this religion is long forgotten - cleanliness, honesty and respect for neighbours relatives and mankind in general is wht we bother about the least.

  11. I agree with what Mustafa has said. I dont understand why orya maqbool jan never talks about Imam Mehdi. During the warfare he has brought up Dajjal from no-where. Does he not know the hadithic revelations about dajjal’s arrival? and before him the arrival of Imam mehdi? and between both of them there will be 7 or 9 years gap. All these are very well known revelations about the end times wars. Then from where this Dajjal’s emergence is including in this warfare of indo-pak which is said to happen in the current year. :)

  12. Since war between India and Pakistan was ‘inevitable’ in 2013,
    Since we are already in 2014.
    So, The War must have happened.
    Who Won?
    I hope Mr Jan was not referring to the film named ‘Waar’.

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