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Old People’s Homes in Pakistan

By Mohammad Yusha • Jan 7th, 2013 • Category: Features • 3 Comments

It is an absolute shame and disgrace that old people’s homes have sprouted in Pakistan. The idea of treating old parents like animals and putting them in some old people’s home sprung from the west, and that despicable act has caught up in Pakistan.

It takes a lot of pain, sacrifice, time and effort to raise a child. What does the child do in return? Think of his parents as a burden and throws them in some old people’s homes, where the care is pathetic at best. From soiled beds and terrible food to a very poor level of health care, it is absolutely shameful that this is what many people do to their parents.

Some people are angry at their parents for a wrong that they might have done, but people don’t realize that parents forgive countless mistakes of their children. Why can’t children realize that parents are not perfect, and forgive too? So many old parents have a smile on their face and yet are suffering from depression deep down inside because of the way their children treat them. Is is a sad reality.

It is in the west that I found out that children actually lend their parents money and give their own place to their parent on rent. How low can a human being fall? Everything that belongs to a child belongs to the parent. How can someone rent out their place to a parent, or lend them money. Absolutely disgraceful. And needless to say, all these germs have invaded Pakistan.

When this will be the treatment of parents, we can wait for the destruction of Pakistan. We don’t need a bad leader to destroy the country. And yes, since we are sincere followers of the west, we take out one day in a year and celebrate mother’s day and father’s day. It is a disgrace to celebrate it once a year. Every day is mother’s day. Every day is father’s day.

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  1. If you cant give due respect to your parents , it is better to leave them in much caring atmosphere but in that case parents should disown their children from their property/assets and from their family name too.

  2. simply dont make centre like old people home…whoever leave their parents…they shoul be come under punishment ..why there is no law for such disgraceful behaviors ….they should be arrest..

    and make centres which give the lesson of loving,caring,helping there parents when they need them…because parents never leave them on road when they stand outside the toy shop wishing to have a big car or barbie doll,,,,,,…

  3. [...] want to follow a bunch of people who treat their parents like animals. Then they show the world how loving they are by celebrating Valentine’s day. They should [...]

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