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By • Aug 22nd, 2009 • Category: Misc • 424 Comments

Education is the hallmark of any nation. Any nation without focussing on the education of its youth is just destined to go into decline and it doesn’t emerge from it for centuries. All the nations which have progressed and prospered are the ones who have focussed on the education of their youth and also of the posterity.

NTS stands for National Testing Service. Within the essential premise of raising the quality of education, an important objective of NTS is to establish a credible, technically appropriate and accurate system of performance evaluation for students of various educational institutions at various levels. It thus assists in carrying out an estimated ranking of students for admissions in various educational institutions.

The government of Pakistan has also taken this step of NTS in a very bold way, and this should be praised at all the levels. Not only it should be admired, it should be supported and the opposition parties must not do politics on this issue of great national interest. This is directly related to the future of the generations of Pakistan.

What is not really visible is the long term benefits of this program. So lets join hands and make this program a success. But government must ensure transparency regarding the testing system and the results should be fair and thoroughly checked and there should be accountability of any mishandlings.

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