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NTS Form 2013 download for registration

By Guest Blogger • Aug 7th, 2013 • Category: Misc • 7 Comments

Students all across the Pakistan are facing issues and problems while accessing the NTS and ETS website and they are unable to acquire the desired information. Sometimes, the site doesn’t respond and sometimes the cumbersome navigation around the site really makes it very frustrating to go to the specific piece of the information.

It is high time that the NTS makes this website more accessible and user friendly. They need to revamp the whole site in order to facilitate the students. Professional and modern touches to their website will boost their credibility and will also enable the students to be more at ease while surfing through their site.

The candidates who are having difficulties to find the NTS forms for registration can download the form from this location.

At NTS.ORG.PK, there are various other tidbits which are valuable but again due to the lack of good design, its hard to find this information. I hope that somebody takes the notice of this and not only makes the site more user friendly but also move it to the faster and reliable servers.

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