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Nokia Pakistan Mobile Free in 2013

By Saleem Awan • Dec 11th, 2012 • Category: Technology • No Responses

Nokia still maintains the highest share of the mobile phone set market in the Pakistan and there are no signs of decline there, though the other competitors including the Chinese cheap mobile sets in Pakistan are on the rise and giving tough fight to the Nokia.

In Pakistan everybody seems to have a mobile phone set. Chinese phone sets are also very popular because they are cheap and they serve the purpose though their quality is not that good. But as most boys and girls keep more than one mobile phone so they buy Chinese sets which are available almost for free. Free mobile phones in Pakistan are something not very strange, as the real cost comes from the balance.

Nokia has revamped its Nokia Pakistan website and there are many new campaigns available along with the pictures and description of latest and upcoming sets. Nokia is also projecting and marketing its cool smart phone sets in Pakistan on reasonable prices, but other competitors are also not lagging behind.

We are sure to see some fierce competition in the 2013.

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