Nighat Sheikh MPA Went Wild in Power

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Iqra Nawaz, the bus hostess of Bilal Travels may have shown some attitude towards the MPA Nighat Sheikh and she may have shown excess, but even then Nighat Sheikh is a member of assembly now, a representative of people, though even sent to the assembly on the reserved seat. And in that capacity, Nighat has to show more tolerance and ignore the public’s attitude.

If Nighat Sheikh would have just gone to Police and complained about the behavior of bus hostess, it was fine, but she became the law unto herself and not only called names to the Iqara and beaten her. Iqra also retaliated and also hit Nighat but Nighat was a heavy weight man eater lady who thrashed the Iqra. This free women wrestling in Pakistan was watched by the passengers and they sided with the Iqra which angered the MPA a lot.

Well, its good that Shahbaz Sharif took notice of the incident and abolished the case against Iqra and have ordered the investigation. But he must ensure that his party members in assemblies don’t consider themselves above law and some sort of Mughal prince and princesses. They must behave like common people and act like one and should be treated like one.

We all know that manners and friendliness is a rare commodity from the bus hostesses and the air hostesses but that’s just our society. Common people tolerate that and so Nighat has to do that too.

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