Next Caretaker PM of Pakistan Will be a Judge

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Present day Pakistan is governed¬† by Supreme Court. Pakistan People’s Party may rule the country after getting elected, but as they show no interest in governing the country, so the Apex Court of Pakistan has filled the void, and they are deciding as what to do when with whom.

It’s our good luck, that the Supreme Court has filled the gap, otherwise it would have been filled by the men on the horseback as usual. It’s Supreme Court who are ensuring that characters like Qadri don’t derail democracy, its Supreme Court who is ordering arrest of criminals like Hamesh Khan and Tauqeer Sadiq, and its Supreme Court which is keeping check on appointments and allocations.

And I am pretty sure that it would Supreme Court which would ensure the next elections and before that the caretaker setup. No one would please the Supreme Court but a Judge. PML-N has already put forward two names of judges, and news from PPP circles is that they have no objection. Imran Khan wouldn’t afford to oppose a judge too, and rest will fall in line accordingly.

Contrary to the common belief I guess this caretaker formation would be seamless and we are indeed heading towards elections, unless something very unfortunate happens like a political assassination.

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