New Provinces in Pakistan

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On the sidelines of other issues, voices are being heard from the under-developed areas of the provinces about the division of Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan into more provinces. That demand is not absurd or preposterous. Countries like Turkey, England, even in India and many others have followed the same pattern and have solved many administrative issues, while making the lives better and improved.

Especially Sindh and Punjab need division. Interior Sindh and South of Punjab seems to be the exact replica of bronze age. For example, in the Bahawalpur area of Southern Punjab, there is only one university whose merit is established in Lahore, and there is no Engineering college out there and the basic facilities of life are dismal if not non-existent. Same is the plight in almost all the areas of interior Sindh.

It is imperative to form new Provinces of a manageable size. This will not only make the administration easy but the under-developed areas will be able to make rapid progress.

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