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New Provinces in Pakistan

By Salman Mugsi • Jun 29th, 2009 • Category: Politics • 20 Comments

On the sidelines of other issues, voices are being heard from the under-developed areas of the provinces about the division of Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan into more provinces. That demand is not absurd or preposterous. Countries like Turkey, England, even in India and many others have followed the same pattern and have solved many administrative issues, while making the lives better and improved.

Especially Sindh and Punjab need division. Interior Sindh and South of Punjab seems to be the exact replica of bronze age. For example, in the Bahawalpur area of Southern Punjab, there is only one university whose merit is established in Lahore, and there is no Engineering college out there and the basic facilities of life are dismal if not non-existent. Same is the plight in almost all the areas of interior Sindh.

It is imperative to form new Provinces of a manageable size. This will not only make the administration easy but the under-developed areas will be able to make rapid progress.

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  1. hmn……………….logical………………agreed

  2. Pakistan surely need more provinces especially Punjab and Baluchistan are very big. Imagine one has to travel from Gawadar to Quetta or from Bahawalpur to Lahore for hours to get something minor done.
    It will help fast track development and people will be able to resolve matters locally.

    Pakistan Zindabad

  3. Is this a right time to raise these issues? Just answer me this. We are already having so many problems and issues… first try to address them and then open new agenda.

    I am not against additional provinces discussion but time selection is not right. It is my observation that making new provinces (may be tomorrow you right that we should make new country) can not solve problems of poor people. If government want to bring prosperity in people’s life then it is not difficult to do at any time. These governments only run after excuses and nothing else. Secondly there is political agenda behind this provincial division and nothing else.

  4. Punjab must be divided into atleast 10 provinces

  5. We are failing miserably at governing four provinces and yet a new debate of more provinces have just been started. Kudos for all those who have just jumped on the band wagon and have started to come up all the benefits we shall reap from this. And that will be NONE.
    More then ever unity is required but politicians such as Zardari are coming up with further ways to divide the nation and distract them from key issues. This is not the time for this debate.

  6. Yes, smaller autonomous administrative units are the need of the time.

    The earlier the better.

  7. @ # 4 Hassan amin


    care to explain why 10?

    is it you speaking or is this the true colour of MQM? divide and rule? is this the new MQM way to unite pakistan? by splitting pakistan on ethinic lines?

    Oh i know it is the latest message on the phone from the mufhat khora altaf hussain. who has been free loading the British Grants for the past 14 years? tell him to worry about when he may get the next alams from Gorden brown….

    it would be interesting to hear you expalination on why to divide punjab in 10 parts………..

    when you reply and start defending the beegar of london, please note that i wont even read that bit so dont waste your time and just focus on replying why or what made give that comment…..

    why do you want to split punjab in ten parts?

  8. @ comment 7: It is the need of the hour! :-)

  9. hassan,

    is this the best you can do?

    copying other’s comments (ref comment no 6)

    so its divide and rule eh?

    as usaual no reason, hot air

  10. It is nobody else but the people of southern Punjab who are demanding this. Numbers don’t matter as far as they are agreed upon by all stake holders. After all it is ‘democracy’.

    In fact not only Punjab but other provinces are also required to be divided into smaller administrative units. There are numerous examples of countries that have made new provinces to suit their people like India, Iran, Turkey etc.

    Blaming MQM on every occasion is not justified.

  11. Nasir M. Aijaz

    we all know what are the motives behind

  12. Strongly Agrees with comment 10!

    Punjab must be divided into AT LEAST 10 provinces, with new provincial capitals such as Faisalabad, Multan, Bahawalpur, Rahimyarkhan, Kasur, Rawalpindi, Lahore etc etc. It will serve to decentralize the power, and may result in massive development in those regions which have been neglected for decades.

    We Pakistanis are a very resilient nation [...], and its time now that we resolve such important issues as increasing the number of provinces, greater provincial autonomy, etc.

    As for our conspiracy theorist fellows like #11…well they are free to tell us their stories. :-)

    Long Live Pakistan!
    Jeeay MQM!
    Jeeay Quaid Altaf Hussain Bhai!

  13. If we do not do the small administrative provinces then some one else will cut the big HOLE into Pakistan.

  14. Dear Arias,
    they r non punjabis n every body knows dat all of them r big jelous of punjab n punjabianz….they r all against of us.thats why they r just getting fun out of it n getting there jelousness out of it…..reason is that the punjab has more literacy rate…they eat due 2 punjab….they follow the rules n laws of punjab….punjab is more modern, literate, progressed so the heart of the nation….they r jelous that why is the capital of pak is in punjab….why it was declared that rawalpindi will b the capital until islamabad would not b established but not karachi after few years of partition…karachi remained a capital just for three yrs due 2 certain reasons dat upto 10 yrs rwp remained capital until the development of isb….d reason we have already felt….most of da karachianz r non pakis….bt i m not pointing any of them….simple is dat this is not a division but a partition and idea to start a cold war or civil war….punjab cannot be divided…it is already steam lined…take a look Rawalpindi, head quarter of the defence n forces of the nation….isb, the capital of pak….lahore, the capital of punjab….faisalabad, the industrial region of punjab…now we know da travelling distances between all these big and backbone cities of punjab, so we must know n predict dat what will happen after the division………….

  15. Hearty Eid Greetings to the People’s Prime Minister of Pakistan and special appreciation for the recent development activities in Multan greater area. Would prime minister be kind enough to work on a mega project for this neglected area of Southern Punjab to create enough jobs which may stop poor people of this area to be exploited in big cities of the country. Last but not least, if the Prime minister could arrange to move/ transfer the Head Quarters of Pakistan Railways in Multan area-the real center of the country to boost under developed area and provide an opportunity to earn fortune by selling railways expansive land in Lahore, mostly used for railway officers’ residences. I hope PM will do his best as no one stays for ever on this authoritative important positions. Sincerely , Khwaja Aftab Ali, Advocate/ I.P. Attorney

    upgraded with in the provinces in the country. Regional cities of Dera Ismail Khan in NWFP, Gawadar/ Qalat in Balouchistan, Sukkar/ Larkana in Upper Sind, Jehlam/ Rawalpindi and Multan in Punjab province. These regional cities have been ignored by the federal and provincial governments although these cities have their own history, culture and languages.Dera Ismail Khan in south of Pakhtun khwa/MWFP is under seige, Multan/DG Khan in south of Punjab is next target of religious extremists,Sukkar/ Larkana is being rule by criminals, Gawadar/ Qalat is trouble some. The people of these regions have to travel to provincial capitals for every small issue and requirement of the daily life which should be provided in nearby cities. A good number of population travel to big cities for their survival to earn livelihood as the local feudal own majority land and keep the common man as their slaves. Creation of regional government and upgrading of the regional cities will save a lot of money and time of the poor people of these regions. Circuit benches of the High Courts are already working in these areas and only requirement is the additional staff of different departments involved in additional work at the provincial capitals. The concern authorities should immediately consider to upgrade the regional cities. And immediate attention should be given upgrade/build the airports,TV station, civic center, libraries,hospitals, educational institutes and investment opportunities for Pakistanis living abroad and foreign firms to create jobs in the area as majority population in rural Pakistan do not have enough resources to survive. It’s remind me the condition of pre Islamic revolution of Iran in Shah time when the rural Iran was ignored and the capital Tehran was developed in a way to call it Paris of Middle East with modern life style. Couple of other big cities like Isfahan and Caspian sea was taken care of because of foreign tourists but rural area was ruled by cruel police and intelligence. Then what happen rural population supported the Islamic revolution and moved to Tehran and other big cities later on. The new government after revolution developed, built and upgraded the rural areas of Iran accordingly. A fund to upgrade/build these regional cities in Pakistan should be intoduced by public and private sector and Pakistani government, our foreign friends and Pakistanis living abroad may be asked to participate in this development mission in the country..KHWAJA AFTAB ALI,( former secretary, Iranian embassy, Saudi Arabia,1979-88) Advocate High Court & I.P. Attorney-first & the only Pakistani lawyer who earned Intellectual Property laws scholarship in USA,presently residing in Florida, USA.

  16. (please read all of it) I disagree with this thought. Together we stand and divided we fall. This quote is a very popular one which proves that Pakistan should defiantly not be divided into smaller provinces in my opinion. It is to me like breaking Pakistan, itself apart. Of course, it is one country and most people think that provinces do not make much of a different but they do make a lot of it. If provinces start fighting with each other, then what will be left of Pakistan? The people who will rule the province will be the only one who will get any advantage out of it resulting in money. The important thing is that people should think Pakistan is one, we all are one, tto forget about their provinces and unite together to save the recent circumstance but as this is not happening, more provinces will be divided and the more Pakistan will break apart. Also, if some provinces are divided, other cities would want their’s to be too.

  17. remaining pakistan is a federation comprises of four national units Balochistan, sind, pashtoonkhwa and pubjab. All of these units means four nations which have been existing for centuries in their respective lands. their economical, political and above all linguistic and cultural rights have been plundered on the name of religion and so-called pakistaniat by the nexus of upper class of all natives(among them punjabis being in large in numbers are more) and very well organised racist urdu speaking infiltrators from india, who are enjoying and thriving on the blood of the all sons of the soils of this federation. the solagans of religion has used enough to loot the all nationalities of this federation and even ignorant masses of punjab are getting sick up of this slogan, who fell prey in 1947 when their motherland was divided on the basis of the said (religion) slogan against their wishes. So now new nationalities are attempted to be carved out in order to counter the genuine nations question of this federation in terms of their fundamental rights(political, economical and linguistic) question… pathans, baloch and sindis are so far extremely united that the wolves of establishment can’t dare to divide them but ironically the sons of the land of five rivers are again vulnerable due to their criminal ignorance and are going to fall prey before the set conspiracy of their another un-natural division just to weaken them are divert their attention from their fundamental political, economical and linguistic rights. Interestingly the sons of Khawaja Ghulam Fareed, Shah Hussain and Pir Mehr Ali shah, are being divided on the basis of the language, which the said saints used to spread the universal message of peace and love and never declared or named the same language a separate entity from one another. The hegemony of Urdu was accepted by the 5% mesmerized upper ruling punjabi exploiters consciously and 95% ignorant punjabis un-intentionally over the language of great saints, unfortunately this brothels oriented Urdu language neither provided them knowledge nor handsome bread and butter. Rather it internally and externally divided them and other well aware nationalities like Bangalis and Sindis never accepted it. Pathans are about to get rid of it and Balochs are struggling, But alas ignorant punjabis are still clinging with it having assumed that as if it were the language of Islam. However Islam being a religion of nature protects and defend the fundamental rights of all humans just by giving some fundamental principles or codes which should not be violated while speaking, earning or dealing with other individuals or nations. Urdu and so-called Pakistaniat can no longer be the charms for other nationalities of this federation so punjabis should realize it and endeavour to get their own language (Punjabi)along with Balochi and Pashto declared the official national language of the land of five rivers and their respective areas/lands and get these languages to be the integral part of curricula instead of urdu besides rest of all the science and humanities subjects in english. this single step would not only lead them towards intra and inter unity but also get their political and economical rights from the exploiters. Then all native exploiters shall have to surrender before their own nationalities as they wouldn’t be able to deceive or impress them by using the aliens languages as tools. Above all the Urdu speaking infiltrators either will have to merge in the natives by owning their languages and culture in true letter and spirit(rather just verbally and cunningly claiming in sind that they are new sindis to carry on their exploitation) or will they will have to repatriate to their native UP, CP, Bihar and other places. Untill and unless this basic single step is taken by all the nationalities and particularly Punjabis, unity and peace cannot be achieved in this federation… A punjabi

  18. Content no.12 need to be rephrased. Our issues are power, gas and employment. Better politicians solve them first to establish credibility to advocate their further agenda. This is absolutely wrong time to debate new provinces issues when 90% people are lamenting on dearness and loadsheding. Those who live in karachi and KPK know how dangerous is to walk on roadside and travely to other provinces especially Baluchistan. MQM, ANP, PPP and PML leaders are not capable enough to think beyond their ownself. Try Umran Khan Next Time

  19. I born in Lahore and a true punjabi. But I am 100 % sure that this is the final solution of our country. I believe that 10 province of punjab is exageration of some fool nationalist, but yes it must be divided into four provinces also KPK is divided into three provinces while sindh into 2 and balochistan into 3 also with there respective capitals. Here emotional thought is not required only required thing is betterment of common peoples of pakistan. and whoever says that distribution of provinces is wrong he/she is a damn fool we all are pakistanis and muslims, also we love Pakistan. Say no to bloody bastered waderas and jagirdars who never wants divided provinces. Pakistan Zindabad

  20. I love Pakistan with atleast 14 big cities with all facilities to common people and that will be capitals of our provinces.

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