New Master is Qamar Javed Bajwa

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Well, if anything is certain in Pakistan then it’s the fact that military has the final word. New army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa joins as General Raheel leaves a legacy of self-projection and self-centeredness by extensively using TV channels, ISPR, social media, and various journalists.

Its hard to imagine that the new general would want to go into anonymity. No COAS in Pakistan has ever done that. With 700K strong army at the back, hundreds of media people at beck, weak democracy, greedy politicians like Imran Khan, and  huge financial stake; why would COAS submit to a civilian boss?

Nawaz Sharif is well aware of that fact after appointing 6 army chiefs. He knows that he cannot find his man so he has made his decision hoping for the best. After promoting Lt General Bajwa to the rank of four-star General, Prime Minister Sharif appointed him the army chief. It is said that General Bajwa played a positive role during the establishment-backed sit-in of PTI in 2014. He was against the chaos and anarchy.

Things change in Pakistan, and they change pretty quickly. One hopes that the new COAS would keep a low profile and would let the civilian government do its job. That all we can wish and hope for. Already various media anchors and chanels have started igniting fires between the new army chief and government.

New COAS would start well if he explicitly gives shut up call to such anarchists. That is one thing which General Raheel never did and rather stoked it underhand.

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