New CNG pries! Now the cat is coming out of the bag

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Sometimes it seems that there are many beautiful stones put everywhere in Pakistan, and you realize its beauty when you start picking them up, every time when you pick one you see ants and insects below. In every field, in every industry you will find ants and insects below for getting their part out of people’s earnings. And I must say this truly matches with the current CNG prices, when Supreme Court ordered for the decrease in CNG prices now we will hear more and more about it.

Today CNG association revealed many hidden things about Ministry of petroleum, as they clearly mentioned that they told about the earnings of CNG stations but they never talked about the operating cost that CNG stations have to bear, along with this they also said that how much Ministry get from General sales tax, from infrastructure and gas development subsidies should also be mentioned in the discussions.

As it is informed that GST collected by the government amounts to 26.6046 billion, the gas infrastructure development subsidy amounts to Rs24.604 billion and gas development subsidy amounts to Rs28.787 billion, that where goes no one knows so now they will ask about their usage from Ministry as well.

From the day we heard this news of low CNG prices, we can see the distress of the CNG stations owners, how they are reacting against this, I know there is operating cost that should be met and it’s obvious no one will like to work on zero sum profit, so regarding this issue CNG stations owners should be given relief and this decision must be implemented for the sake of benefitting public. Previously we have given many distresses to publics so now CNG stations should get some from that.

At last but not least, prices low or high in every situation its public, the common man who has to sacrifice. The insects and ants always get their full part. This is what we are seeing from years and what’s next is quite obvious

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