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national internship program 2014 application form download

By Guest Blogger • Oct 29th, 2013 • Category: Misc • 57 Comments

So you want to get real world experience related to the education you got? You want to get hands on what you do and you want to solve the real world problems? The government of Pakistan and the government of Punjab and KPK, Sindh, Balochistan, and FATA and Gilgit Baltistan have joined hands to place the young graduates in the offices, companies, factories and other work places for the hands on experience.

All you need is to apply and to show that you are serious about working. You need to have the will to improve in your life and you should be ready to work hard and get that golden experience which is paramount in excelling in the workplace. You need to prepare for the NIP 2014 Pakistan test and then be ready for the good results.

The sample NIP 2014 tests are also available online but the most important thing is that you should be ready to study and prepare well for the examination. It’s not difficult and you should be improving your analytical skills, English, simple math and yes you should be using your common sense to make sure that you answer good .

Youth is the center of hope for the Pakistan and this internship program is aimed at empowering and enabling the youth so that they are job ready as soon as they enter the market. This would not only make the lives of youth better they would also oil the economic wheels of the Pakistan, which need the new influx pretty badly.

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57 Responses »

  1. it is b=very nice

  2. i have done my master nd i m interested in national intership programme

  3. i have master in physics and iam interested in national internship programe so plz give me a chance

  4. student of BE software engineering MUET

  5. i have done my graduation nd i m interested in national intership programme do gv me chanc plz

  6. i hav completed my graduation
    seeking for the career n dis will provide me the platform for becoming a well recognized professional and ultimetly attaining pretige and pride for the orgazization and myself …….plz gv me chance

  7. i have done and doing masters in education.

  8. Now i have completed my sixteen year education from peshawar universiy in statistics
    and i want any type of internship
    plz inform me at that time

  9. i need a job

  10. i want to apply for nip…gv me ths chance plz

  11. interested in national internship program,i am in computer engineering

  12. i have completed my graduation. and i want to be a part of national internship program i have completed my MBA in finance and i have interest in nip please give my one chance.

  13. I had done my master in zoology from university of karachi.I am intrested in this internship plz respond me.

  14. i have done my master degree in geophysics from quaid e azam university , and i have interested in NIP please give me one chance.thanks

  15. i have done my master degree in geophysics from quaid e azam university ,and i have interested in NIP please give me one chance.

  16. i have done my master degree in geophysics, from quaid e azam university i have interested in NIP please give me a chance.

  17. I have complete my MBA in Finance and i have interest NIP so plz give me chance

  18. i hav done my masterz in arabic from p.u in first div….and now i m intrested in n.i.p so give me chance

  19. To become an active member of the dynamic and challenging field of electrical and to pursue a leading professional career in the long run in an organization where competency and professionalism are highly valued and where my technical skills are fully utilized and developed in the field.
    i have completed three years diploma of associate engineering in electrical want to do internship

  20. i recently completed my bachelors degree that is BS in Environmental Science and for the sake of experience i want to get enrolled in NIP internship program.

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