Nanga Parbath killings; Some Questions?

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When the initial word came that 10 Mountaineers were killed and immediately owned by Jundoallah and later by TTP, it looked like any other terrorist attack in revenge for their deputy emir’s killing.

But what evinced my interest was also the Immediate statement by Prof Hafeez Saeed of JUD/LET who is guided by General Hamid gul and PTI that it is the handiwork of Indian Intelligence agencies especially after the recent grant of nearly rupees 62 million to JUD which is under the indirect control of JUD after its take over by Punjab government but still run by Prof Hafeez.

The inital news reports of main media suggested that it was another terrorist attack aimed at Pakistan tourist industry by enemy forces and also Pakistan/china friendship.Even BBC gave the view that the attack took place in a base camp near Fairley Meadows.

But Mr.Angad of PATO was the first one to raise some disturbing questions.He said correctly that the attack has taken place at west face of Nanga Parbhat called Diamer face. He also gave some interesting theory that the attackers cannot escape if immediate helicopter and ground forces recce is organised at the trek back to civilization will take at-least 18 hours of trek in grueling mountains.

He also surmised that the if they are not traced trekking back then these guys have to be found in local villages near Diamer only and they should have been here long before.

Some western mountaineering sites suggested that the attackers needed local help to get AK 47s and local police uniforms. They also suggested that the attackers have to spend some time in Diamer to get acclimatized for this operation.

The victims where mainly from Ukraine,china,slovakia and one Nepali sherpa and a Pakistani cook.the Ukraine team included a US citizen of Chinese origin named Hong Lu chin whom seemed to be target for the equipment he carried.That an American of Chinese origin was part of the Ukraine team was never carried by the media till now though the Attackers specifically searched for him and knew his presence in the team.

Now that the 15 attackers were arrested by the able work of Local police and Diamer Jirga, The following questions rise Why Junduallah (which was created by Dick cheney along with General Musharaff to infiltrate and kill Iranians) is now located in this area and calling itslef JundulUl-Hifza as per Junduallah spokesman? They said they killed the mountaineers in revenge for killing of Osama bin Laden. Then TTP came out that they have carried out the strike to avenge the death of their Deputy emir in a drone strike. Of course Prof hafeez saeed had his own take. The common thread is some how protect these 15 militants being caught as they are all located in Diamer itself and they have carried out killings of Shias earlier and may be more attacks from this remote base. The most important member seem to be one Majeed who belongs to Gilas. 3 are from Kohistan and 2 from Manshera while the majority 10 are from diamer itself.

There was this interesting suggestion from PATO (Pakistan alpine tourists operators) that a delegation from their organisation should go to Doha and ask the Taliban office there what was the purpose of this strike by organisations affiliated to it which is actually killed the Alpine adventure tourism of Pakistan and also Pakistan’s friendship with China which is the only country which is supplying arms and diplomatic support to Pakistan. Hope they carry out this trip to Doha and find the answers.

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