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Namal University Mianwali by Imran Khan

By Ghazala Khan • Apr 26th, 2008 • Category: Misc, Worth A Second Look • 88 Comments

One may disagree with Imran Khan on his political views, and one may sling mud on him over his playboy status of yesteryears, or one may rebuke him over his family issues, but one cannot in his right mind could negate the service Imran Khan has done to this nation in the form of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and the Namal University in Mianwali.

Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital in Lahore is fully functional and giving unprecedented service to thousands of people for free. Now Namal University is about to be functional in a matter of days and then the people of Mianwali, Bannu, Lakki Marwat, Kundian, Attock and many other remote areas would be able to study on the modern lines in one of the best universities in the Pakistan equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and run by the able staff of Bradford University, UK of which Imran Khan is also a chancellor.

Namal College has become an associate college of the Bradford University and already 60 students have commenced their studies at this joint which is surrounded by beautiful lake and mountains and lush green plains and sheer poverty.

Mianwali is one of the most backward areas of Pakistan, and it is marred with little industry, poor educational opportunities and outcomes, and high unemployment. Due to the ignorance and feudal culture, many people of Mianwali (especially Dr. Sher Afgun, the parliamentary affair minister of Pervez Musharraf government) put many obstacles in the way of this university and they tried to divide the people on ethnic grounds.

They put the blame on Imran Khan that he was establishment university in the area of Awans and was depriving Niazis. These people threatened the architects, masons, contractors and other staff throughout these three years, but Imran’s resolve enabled the area to have it’s first university, and it would surely play a pivotal role in bringing prosperity in this area.

I urge the Pakistanis that they please donate more and more for this promising project as they helped Imran in the establishment of Cancer Hospital.

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  1. Politicians use expediency as their tool and that is paramount for their success. The reason why Imran is a colossal failure in the power games of Pakistani politics is his inability for expediency, but yes he has done a huge philanthropy work for the Pakistan.

  2. Imran Khan one of the most fascinating personalities in Pakistan is no doubt, Hats Off to him for this yet another great project.

  3. Imran Khan initially won liberal and Western hearts by building a cancer hospital and fashioning himself as a reformer, but he has turned increasingly to hard-line Islamist politics. After Khan cast a vote in favor of Fazlur Rahman, known as “Taliban mentor”, as prime minister in 2002, a leader in his party told a Pakistani monthly, “Khan has more than a soft corner for the ousted Afghan Taliban. He thinks that the orthodox religious militia did a great service to Afghanistan and Islam before they became a target of the Americans.”

    In December, 2004, Imran Khan asked the leadership of the religious alliance, Muttahida Majlis e Amal (MMA), to strive for bringing together all the political forces of the country except the ruling Pakistan Muslim League (PML), against the US aggressions and brutalities. While reiterating its stance about the President uniform, the MMA leadership said it was “an open war” against the US.

    Mr. Khan does not hate America entirely. He likes its greenback. On May 15, 2005 just days after the riots which he incited, killing 17 people and injuring dozens of others , Khan was in Washington, D.C. raising $175,000 for his cancer hospital. His fund-raising tour alsotook him to Denver, Los Angeles, and New York. He has no problem risking the personal and financial well-being of his US-based donors, should Homeland Security eventually decided to investigate Mr. Khan’s Taliban connections.

    Even his political allies find Khan’s duplicity hard to take. In 2002 one of his party leaders remarked: “Even we are finding it difficult to figure out the real Imran. He dons the shalwar-kameez and preaches desi and religious values while in Pakistan, but transforms himself completely while rubbing shoulders with the elite in Britain and elsewhere in the West.”

  4. How one can donate to the Namal University please?

  5. Imran Khan should make CJP Iftikhar the vice chancellor of the Namal university.

  6. Wow, I didn’t know about this new service by Imran Khan, and I am very pleased that he is also the chancellor of Bradford University. That’s marvelous MashAllah.

  7. Imran Khan is not a failure in politics. Slow and steady wins the race. His time will come. He is making strenuous efforts to win the hearts of people from the grass root level and his unwavering stance on judiciary will pay him back in the long run.

  8. Dear Ghazala, perception is quite attractive, motivation in this regard demands credit, and appreciation seems to be the essentiality, however achievement is restricted by thoughts.

    This is what I consider should be rewarded to Mr. Imran khan on his services for what he was in practice as obsession.

    I would definitely not disagree, sling mud neither will rebuke nor negate his services, but as cricketer and politician.

    You see the easiest way of commenting is to start discussion as critics and ends tagging your self as constraint; narrow-minded and linear restricted thinker.

    Dear have you ever tried to dig out why these people in showbiz, singers, businessman, social NGO’s enter and get involve in these social services.

    It is also very difficult to negate such a person who, in your opinion is most valuable and dearest. With all due regard, I seek prior permission to float my opinion keeping and owning you most precious than my ideas and desire.

    Do you know where are these, kohistan, bhimber, baghsar, sabzkot, bhundalla, neelum valley? These are the places being tagged heaven on earth .although backward enough, but still credited worth seeing.
    However a person residing in Lahore, Karachi, pindi, and Peshawar would never love or if I say it won’t be wrong that would not prefer to visits these places even. However there are people from these areas specially belt from Peshawar and similar siblings in quetta ,Lahore and Karachi who not only visit these places but they also spend millions there to look after people residing there.
    Here lies the modus operandi of these individuals. Mobilization to such places from there home town is never incentive free. it is these places that are then utilized to contest.
    Mr sher afghan is a senior politician and he realizes the threat that if irman khan would get his hooks penetrated in mian wali there is a chance that being more competent he will breach his constituency and present one man show will be affected .governor fazle haq used to win from kohistan in days of ziaul haq .no body knew about that place at that time .he used to qualify votes of assembly with 3000 to 4000 votes .
    you see there is a theme behind every mode of these shrouds and politician.
    Genuinely speaking nobody residing in major cities of Pakistan would never go in these areas like bannu,lakki marwat and kundia so to get the admission in state of the art college with state of the art facility,at the stake of the life on the stake of these places.
    Where as associate of Bradford does not mean that instruction of medium will be conducted by English scholars and councilors. It a grant of association and syllabi in which examination will be cconducted as per curriculam of Bradford university .

    Dear it is your own version that Mianwali is one of the most backward areas of Pakistan, and it is marred with little industry, poor educational opportunities and outcomes, and high unemployment. Due to the ignorance and feudal culture, many people of Mianwali (especially Dr. Sher Afgun, the parliamentary affair minister of Pervez Musharraf government) put many obstacles in the way of this university and they tried to divide the people on ethnic grounds.
    Can a place with such low prospect qualify as state of the art university wher feudalism ,poor economic condition,education,outcomeall are perishing and prevailing.

  9. Very well written and definitely something worth pointing out to the general public that there is still hope.

  10. hi asim ,i will soon get back to you sorry for dely in reply.please stay in touch regard

  11. Geart Work. We must appreciate it. These kind of Universities in rural areas will surely bring new light for the backward families or for those who can afford University expenditures but can’t afford Hostels. It will be also good for females because in rural areas parents are normally reluctant to send their daughters to big cities for studies.

  12. Official Web site of Namal is

  13. thank you saleem for providinf tha web site

  14. A great fast bowler and also a great captain for Pakistan. His cancer hospital was also a great project and i am happy he is doing this for educating the ordinary pakistanies.
    His failure as a politician is due to his FEUDAL mindset while he may NOT BE corrupt he could not empathise with ordinary poor pakistanies. He did not take part in 2008 elections also because of his conviction that the election will not be free under Musharaff. Benazir also from a feudal setup knew how to win the hearts of ordinary pakistanies.

  15. Please contact following numbers and email for Donation and Financial Support details,

    Telephone # +92-4559-816816

    email: and

  16. Dear Dr. Razahaider,

    I may not be able to support financially a lot for next few years but its my duty to spread awareness and facilitate others so that they can help these kind of noble projects for the development of Pakistan.

  17. execution of plan and ground realities in imrans khan version of thoughts.

    Mianwali District is one of the north-western city in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. Mianwali (semi tribal district) is located along the bank of River Indus.
    However, the area is econominically deprived with low productivity and high unemployment. Large numbers of people, especially the young, remain unemployed. State funded educational and development facilities are inadequate, under-funded, ineffective, and even where present are of very poor quality. The result of this is poverty, high crime rates, drug addiction, and breakdown in social and family cohesion.

    With a population of almost One million people there are no Universities in the District or even in the surrounding areas. There are a few Colleges and Technical Training Institutions in the area but none that can offer and deliver quality educational and training programmes.

    There are also some Privately Funded institutions in the area, however, these also fail to deliver high quality education and training. Besides the funding required to enter these Private Institutions is beyond the financial means of most of the area’s population. Gender gaps are also significant in terms of educational achievements and job opportunities.

    The main economic challenges faced by the area are:
    • Lack of industry offering job opportunities for the local population
    • Disproportionate distribution of wealth
    • Poor educational institutions and investments
    • Poor infrastructure and facilities in areas of health, education, transport and water and sanitation
    • Limited agricultural productivity
    Pakistan lacks the required numbers of high quality Eductional and Vocational Training institutions and the Mianwali district, in particular, lacks quality educational institutions across the entire educational range.

    The Vision to set up a world-class Institution that will make Mianwali a ‘Knowledge City’ is a bold one and will require a huge effort on the part of all those involved. However, we have already made an encouraging start and have had tremendous amount of support - both nationally and internationally.
    The people of Mianwali, by donating the land, have already shown their desire and willingness to support the Namal College.

    However, a project of this scale cannot succeed without generous Help from donors and concerned organisations and citizens. No educational institution can function without such Help.

    Namal College is a unique case as it is being established an extremely poor area, with the specific purpose of delivering high quality education and training for students to bolster the local economic and social situation.

    We need your Help to realise our vision. The Attock Community Association (ACA), a UK registered Charity based in Bradford is also assisting in the fund raising endeavours.

    discussionAlthough I have no personal conflicts with mr Imran or any other ,but whenever steps are taken that has limited horizon in the form of incentive to the public and maximizing benefit the form of investor is appreciated ,I suppose the subject always demand to be scrutinize .
    Policies should not take a limited stubborn attitude .
    Movement describes the direction.motives start expressing when direction is sought and floated
    My point is simple by going through the profile of the respective area ,desireof the investment is clear .this project should have ideally be taken like Shaukat Khanum in major city of the country like Lahore or pindi ,so that maximum benefit could have been utilized.
    However making private properties at a place where feudalism still exist ,reflects similar motive that has been felt by dr sher afghan.
    We got to move our population in to the system of society so that their horizon should excel in equal direction and as per current curriculm.
    What is the point to start such a massive project from scratch.these services could be equally distributed from Lahore even by providing free education to and for the area .but the psyche here is the sole cause ,so to create an umpire in the remote area and become the champ and most powerful person of the area..things do not become clear in just few words you got to give some time so to make it clear .

  18. I see it as a great feat by Imran. For the time being there is no doubt in his being sincere to the Pakistanis. We have many colleges and universities in bigger cities and someone has to look to the remote and undeveloped areas of the country too. Way to go Iran!! Great job!!

  19. Imran Khan has been one of the greatest sons of Pakistan and he deserves our respects and gratitude. His sincerety can not need be limited to the present time only, he is one of those few among us who has always been there for his people and country. We must support him and wish him all the best.


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