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Nadeem Sarwar is a Nauha Khwaan from Karachi, Pakistan. He is a son of late Syed Asrar Hussain Rizvi and Syeda Nargis Khatoon. At the age of four he started Nauha Khaani with help of his mother and from thereon he has never looked back.

Nadeem Sarwar 2010 album (Safeer-e-Aza) has been launched. In this album there are nohas which are read like marsiyas, manqabat and there is also one Punjabi and one Sindhi noha.

Nohay in this album:

1. Jahan Hussain a.s Wahan Lailah
2. Fatima Zehra s.a
3. Rab-e-Kaba
4. Abbas Ajao Ka
5. Azadari-e-Hussaini
6. Hy Mere Hussain o Hasan a.s
7. Matam-e-Hussain (Sindhi Noha)
8. Rat Rona Haq Banda (Punjabi Noha)

Nadeem Sarwar is a well known name amongst Shia and Sunni not only in Indian Subcontinent but also across Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

He has so far released 30 Volume of Nauha Cassette and CDs from 1980 – 2010. Most of the Nauhas recited by him are “Kalaam” of famous Pakistani Poet Rehan Azmi. He also has been successful in using Kalaams of famous poets like Mir Anis and Mirza Dabeer.

Nadeem Sarwar has recited in different languages such as Urdu, Sindhi, Saraiki, Punjabi, Pushto, Pourbi, Farsi, Hindi, Gujarati, Persian, Arabic

Nadeem Sarwar has recited Nauha in many different ways of Matam like Persian Matam, Arabic Matam, Quetta Matam, Parachanar Matam, Afghan Matam, Sariki Matam, Punjabi Matam, Sindhi Matam, Hyderabad Dakkan Matam and Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Saf Matam.

Nadeem Sarwar has recited a total of 188 Kalaam up to date with 8 nawhas in his latest 2010 edition starting with “fatima zehra ka bhara ghar luta, kat gaya shabbir ka sookha gala”. These Marsias and Nauhas are very popular especially for children. Nadeem Sarwar has recited these Marsias and Nauhas from great writers of Islam, such as, Mir Babbar Ali Anis, Mirza Salamat Ali Dabeer, Mirza Ghulam Mohammad Nazeer (Brother of Dabeer), Nisar, Mussayab H.Naqvi, Sadaf Jalalvi, Anees Pahersari, Shohrat Bilgrami, Mehshar Lakhnavi, Kazim Shaukat Bilgrami, Dr. Hilaal Naqvi, Aal-e-Muhammad Razmi, Rehan Aazmi.

his anjuman’s name is Safeer-e-Aza Asim Jaffery, Qambar, Tasweer, Adnan Jaffery, Ali Shah, Kashif and Danish Afzal Rizvi they are the part of Safeer-e-Aza


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