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By Shah Muhammad • Aug 24th, 2009 • Category: Misc • 59 Comments

Muslim’s love for their beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is unprecedented. For the Muslims, nothing is above the love for their Rasool SAW, and they can sacrifice anything for this love. They express this love in the form of poetry called as Naat, and they recite these Naats in beautiful tones without music.

Though Naats are all time favorite in Pakistan throughout the year, during Ramadan, people love to listen to them and savor it during fast. There are many online Naats to listen for free, and all of them are great. They not provide a great source of love, they also provide immense relaxation, and even the non-Muslims enjoy listening to them.

If you are Naat khawan, then you are a lucky person, and you should share your experience of reciting it and you should give tips to the people and teach people Naat. It’s a sadq-e-Jaria, and you would benefit from it a lot. So to earn the sawab for Naat, you need to come out and teach people how to do it.

There are many good resources available and technology has made it so much easy to produce the Naat for the mass consumption. This passion shouldn’t remain confined to just the Rabi ul Awal or Milad mehfils, rather it should be daily routine, but they shouldn’t be on the loud speakers, so that others don’t get disturbed.

Jazak Allah !!!

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  1. i am very simple boy. i live in a village. i listen the naat

  2. I like your Naats and Listen everyday.

  3. i like sooo much to listening naats

  4. nice naats to listen allah hafiz

  5. nice naats to listen

  6. i like naats to listen gaza k allah

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  8. ilike naat very much becasue i love very much with MUHAMMAD (PBUH)

  9. every day i listen naats i love naats

  10. naat sharif sunna aur sunana sunnat hai

  11. hello nice efforts from

  12. naat zindagi hay jo naat ka adab ni karta wo mayray nazdik muslim ni jaysay tariq jamil lanti insan os nbay naat ka mazak oraya wa badbakat hay wo bi or us kay paro kar bi ya sub jahanmi hai lootay ya sub ka sub lanti hain in say bach kar rahin plz thx


  14. ager bkoi loota muj say is baray may baat karna chahay to zaroor

  15. i like naats

  16. plz send me new naats


  18. i am liked naat.

  19. plz vist my

  20. Well done Admin….Good Collection of Naats is available…
    Thanks again…

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