My Fight against Black Magic. Now it is Our Fight

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It is very sad to see people cry tears of blood while suffering from black magic. The agony, misery, and pain is beyond belief. However, we have become numb to hearing news about black magic. It doesn’t fill every vein with rage. One’s blood doesn’t boil and one’s heart does not bleed. Black magicians are enemies of humanity. They should be brought to justice. And the biggest justice is that victims should be cured and helped.

My fight against black magic has resulted in me writing blog posts on TPS to spread awareness of black magic, helping people in real life with methods to destroy black magic, meeting with God fearing amils, etc, but in the process I do not feel worthy because I am fighting black magic on a small scale.

The dark clouds of black magic loom large over Pakistan, over Asia, and all over the world. I do a little bit of travelling and meet with victims of black magic, and hear horrendous stories of people who lost their jobs and businesses, health and wealth due to this menace. Even when victims get cured, they still end up in a position where black magic has rendered them financially unstable.

I am raising money through contacts for black magic victims who have been rendered jobless, for those people who cannot pay amils due to financial problems, and for those amils who cannot help victims because they do not have money to buy musk (to write taweez) which is very expensive.

People who are willing to join me in my fight against black magic are welcome to donate in the following account.

* TPS will not be getting, handling, managing or be responsible for any finance or money and has no link with this.

Mohd. Babar Shahid A/C: 26861050000040
IFSC Code: HDFC0002686
Bank Branch: HDFC Bank LTD, C Block, Sushant Lok 1, Gurgaon, Haryana

Charity does not decrease wealth – Prophet Mohammad (SAW)

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