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Muslims Misconception

By Aftab Alam • Feb 6th, 2014 • Category: Politics • 3 Comments

There is little room for doubt that misconception is more active and effective than perception. There is also no ambiguity in the fact that Holy Qur’an and Holy Sunnah is the source of Islamic Laws, aka Shari’a. Whose revelation and commandment having been done directly by the real Lone Law Giver and having been demonstrated through His Prophet Mohammad (SAW) to be complied with fully and accordingly.

There is no need to be promulgated by anybody, for we the Muslims as such have already declared our faith thereupon and have been declaring on daily basis to be abiding. The problem is, almost all of our illiterate pseudo scholars are unable to distinguish between Islam and Islamic Laws.

Promulgation of Islam Laws having been made in Pakistan however they don’t give the results but for two reason:

Firstly, Promulgation of Islamic Laws doesn’t mean that every person will become the best Muslim forth with automatically.

Secondly, if we are not up to mark, we can’t give up to mark results.

To become the best Muslim we are required to have the best role-model leaders, which are neither available in secular lot nor in the clerical stock.

I pose a simple question if there is any compulsion in Pakistan from anybody upon us, not to speak truth, not to pray, not to fast, not to go for hajj, not to perform our duty honestly, not to do right things or not to be refrained from sectarianism, not to be refrained from violence even against animals, not to be refrained from usury, not to be refrained from giving or taking bribes and not to be refrained from all sorts of unislamic acts?

Then is one question more, if to have been the best Muslims by sheer force, like those of angles had been the scheme of our Creator, how then easiest was it for Allah Almighty?

This means that Allah Almighty has granted us free will to choose the path for us and so it’s business of none to force us according to their whims, particularly when they themselves are not going to become Muslims without any tag of sectarian apexes or suffixes.

This fact also must not be forgotten that there are only five Laws, aka Hudood Laws, which are commonly called Islamic Major Penal Laws, which means, if anybody breached any penal provision thereof, would be liable to be punished in the Islamic Courts of Law having been established in the light thereof in our country, which have been functioning.

Second set of Islamic Laws are pertaining to social and daily lives of the Muslims; Education, Health, ” Nikah/Marriage, Inheritance, Civil/Commercial Contracts, International Affairs, Transactions, Sales, Trades, Commerce, Preemption, Agriculture, Wards, Guardians and all other worldly affairs, which are also having been promulgated.

Meaning thereby, if any dispute arises among the citizens or between the citizen/s and state or state functionaries in the Muslim State, the lawfully established courts shall be competent to adjudicate them in accordance with Shari’a.

Those courts are also established and functioning.

Now so far our country is concerned, hardly there will be any law having been promulgated, which is Un-Islamic, still the all round decay in our society is in rampant, what’s the reason? Simply because there is no roll model particularly in the elites who can either inspire or who can be followed.

So we, either we are secular or we clerical, all are in complete unison and consonance in violation of Islam wherever it suits us.

Whether our beloved and exalted Prophet Mohammad (SAW) had promulgated any ordinance, whereby Islam was established, or He (SAW) and His (SAW) companions (RA) spread and established Islam through their deeds?

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  1. Good article. Felt educated

  2. In my view: Neither Quran nor Sunnah are “law giver”! Laws are made by the society in accordance with its needs and circumstances with potentials for changes and amendments in future in consideration and according to the needs and wishes of the contemporary people. Sharia is also man made legal system with plenty of room for developments and through amendments and even repeal of certain outdated laws if the believing people require, this can be done with help of genuine muftis’ interpretation and consultation of the wise & educated among the believers (Ijma).

  3. Uza, wat a moon struck t u, by the way

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