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Murree Girls in Murree Hotels , Fight at Rates Mayhem

By Amna Gilani • Jan 2nd, 2011 • Category: Misc • 26 Comments

For the Karachiites, Murree is a dream place. Snow, rolling hills, lush green small pieces of planes, grazing cattle, eye-catching slopes, mesmerizing valleys, all are something very romantic and inviting for the people of Karachi, who dont have really any greenery to enjoy, and they love this hill station.

With the rising population and pollution, the sea and the breeze have become a nuisance and when any Karachiites hear about Murree, he or she dreams about going there. For them, Murree beauty is something to dream about, and its like Switzerland for them, but far much cheaper and Murree vacation packages are cheap and affordable.

So it was very thrilling for me when my uncle’s family who live in Gulshan-e-Hadeed planned about going to Murree and to be there on the New Year eve. They invited me and I was ever ready. We reached Islamabad on 29th and then on the evening of 30th we were in a small hotel on the mall road of Murree. Though before leaving Karachi I tried to search about hotel room rates in Murree but there was not much luck. I tried finding phone numbers of hotels in Murree but in vain. So we decided to try out quest after reaching there.

I have been to Murree before but  never on new year eve. I had heard that it was quite fun on the mall road of Murree on the new year night, and I was looking forward to enjoy with the family. We we strolling on the Mall road at the night of 31st Dec, and waiting for clock to strike midnight. Mall road was jam-packed and people were in festive mood. As usual there was hooting and strange acts by the boys, but ignore was the best policy and we kept to the kerbs.

As the clock struck 0000, to my amazement, from nowhere some people produced bottles of champagne and opened the corks just like in Western movies style and welcomes the new year amid lots of blaring music and frantic dancing. We went to red onion for the late night dinner and after a lavish dinner returned to our hotel.

As we entered the hotel we saw that there was argument going on between the hotel owner and 4 boys, and three girls were standing there. It was a strange environment. Boys were screaming that they had paid for rooms and the ladies in advance and there was no way they were going to pay hotel owner extra 10,000 for them.

Hotel owner after watching us, trying to silence the boys, but in vain. As we reached our rooms, we hear some scuffle and soon there was gunfire. We locked ourselves in rooms, and then after 30 hours we heard police and later it was found that one of the boy had shot at the girls in anger ,but no one was injured. Boys succeeded to escape from the hotel.

In the morning it seemed that everything was normal and the incident of last night was just routine.

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  1. “reached our rooms, we hear some scuffle and soon there was gunfire. We locked ourselves in rooms, and then after 30 hours we heard police

    Pretty fast by Pakistani standards…


  3. That was eye opener for me :(

  4. ———As the clock struck 0000, to my amazement, from nowhere some people produced bottles of champagne and opened the corks

    the best alcohol in pakistan was found in karachi then salman taseer became governor and the best alcohol was found at the governor house in lahore now that the drunkard is dead is guess the number 1 title goes back to karachi but i a surprised to hear this from a Karachiite.

    I shows that you keep a good company

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